Hutchison Asia Telecom Group
Hutchison Asia Telecom (HAT) comprises CK Hutchison’s mobile operations in three fast-growing Asian markets - Indonesia, Vietnam and Sri Lanka.

Hutchison Asia Telecom's Indonesian subsidiary H3I3 Indonesia is one of leading mobile communication service providers that operates nationwide network with licensed 2G, 3G/WCDMA and 4G LTE GSM at 1800 and 2100 Mhz.  3 Indonesia is also known as H3I (Hutchison 3 Indonesia) as part of HAT.

Since the commencement of operation in 2007, 3 Indonesia under the “3” brand has rolled out a 3G/4G network covering more than 7,900 villages in 281 cities in Sumatera, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Bali and Lombok.  Its network is powered by 55,100 units of BTS and 16,000 Km of fiber optic.  The success of 3 Indonesia is established by its commitment to provide innovation, leading mobile technology with a strong vision of making Indonesia to become the leading digital country.  Today, 90% of 3 Indonesia customers are smartphone users and digital savvy millennials.

VietnamobileHAT’s Vietnam operation was converted into a Joint Stock Company in October 2016 and continues to operate mobile telecommunications services under the  brand, Vietnamobile.  Offering 2G and 3G whilst expanding rapidly on 4G network, Vietnamobile brings in innovative products as well as best-in-class customer services with nationwide distribution network. With the desire to connect young generation to the world via mobile Internet, Vietnamobile offers users a range of services in the most convenient and affordable way.

Sri Lanka
Hutch Sri LankaHutchison Telecommunications Lanka (Private) Limited is a 100% owned subsidiary of HAT. Hutch Sri Lanka provides digital mobile communication services operating both GSM and advanced 3G HSPA+ networks and will be rolling out a nationwide 4G network beginning Q4 2018.

Hutch Sri Lanka’s focus is on serving the rapidly growing mobile Internet population with high quality mobile broadband data and a suite of forward thinking products and value added services.