Environmental Protection

The Group looks to minimise the adverse impact of its businesses on the environment through enhancing operational efficiencies and implementing eco-friendly measures.  All our businesses are committed to ensuring compliance with the relevant laws in their jurisdictions and regularly reviewing their business practices to identify ways to enhance sustainability and deploy measures to make more efficient use of resources.

Below is a snapshot of some of the activities that the businesses of the Group engaged in across the globe.

Energy Efficiency
For the past several years, the Head Office of CK Hutchison continued its energy saving improvements and has once again reduced electricity consumption by several per cent year on year.  Our video conference suite, “Telepresence”, has been more widely implemented across a number of global offices to reduce the need of airplane travel by management and the corresponding carbon emissions, whilst maintaining the benefits of “face-to-face” meetings.  Telepresence has helped save management from taking approximately 744 flights last year and the service has recently been extended to more locations.

Around the Group, our key subsidiaries continue to review the environmental impact of their operations. Many businesses, especially those in retail, have the biggest impact on electricity usage through lighting, heating and cooling of their offices and stores. These operating companies are also striving to enhance their contributions to environmental sustainability through good environmental practices.

In 2015, retail division of A S Watson Group (“ASW”), kicked off the ASW Energy sub-committee in their CSR Team to share and make use of best practices across their division and to develop better monitoring of energy consumption data and implementing local energy performance strategies.

Pollution Prevention and Emissions Reduction
Many of the Group’s operating companies, especially those in the infrastructure and energy portfolios such as UK Power Networks, have plans and metrics to reduce pollution and emissions throughout 2015. More detailed ESG and Sustainability reports are available on their individual websites.

Environmental Sustainability
Safeguarding natural resources and reducing wastage are top priorities for the Group across all industries. Our colleagues have initiated their own programmes to conserve resources as well as participate in projects in partnership with third parties to preserve our natural bounties for future generations. Below are some of the initiatives that took place in 2015:

  • Power Assets Holding Limited (“Power Assets”) and Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Limited acquired Iberwind Group, one of the largest wind energy companies in Portugal. Iberwind’s electricity production helps reduce more than one million tonnes of carbon dioxide emission every year.

  • Hutchison Port Holdings Limited (“HPH”) continues its shift from conventional diesel powered container handling equipment to electrical.  Hundreds of the Group’s container yard-stacking cranes are now electrical or hybrid powered.

  • Starting in March 2015, Watsons Water has been manufacturing its plastic bottles comprised entirely of rPET, which is 100% recyclable, thereby reducing plastic waste.  It also introduced its own recycling education programme and places special recycling bins at partner schools and shopping malls to help collect the discarded water bottles.

  • UK Power Networks participates in charity cycle ride to London.UK Power Networks installed electric vehicle charging points at London Underground car parks whilst The Hongkong Electric Company Limited (“HK Electric”) added new electric vehicle charging points at public car parks across Hong Kong Island.

  • 3 Ireland launched an online mobile phone recycling programme that enables customers to recycle their old handsets. To encourage participation, 3 Ireland makes a donation to Virtual Community College, an online and mobile education initiative for young people from disadvantaged communities, for every handset recycled.

Protection of the Environment and Natural Habitats
Protecting natural habitats for future generations is also an important part of many Group companies’ initiatives.

Some of these programmes are detailed below:

  • In the UK, Northumbrian Water invested £150 million to complete The Abberton Scheme, which, in addition to securing supplies of water for one-and-a-half million people, also transformed the site into a spectacular natural wetland for local inhabitants to enjoy.

  • In Hong Kong, HK Electric held the Green Hong Kong Green Festival which included eco- heritage tours, a carnival and workshops on environmental sustainability.  It also continues to conserve existing ecological habitats and plant diverse species of native trees and shrubs to attract local wildlife at its Lamma Power Station.

  • Thousands of port employees around the world contribute to the “Go-Green” campaign with initiatives based on the themes: reuse and recycle, climate change and community.In 2015, HPH and leading port operators joined hands in a global environmental initiative, “Go Green”.  Around 30 HPH business units and more than 7,500 employees took part in the event, planting trees, cleaning beaches and other locales, recycling various trashes and promoting conservation of resources. The campaign planted over 6,000 trees and over 52 tonnes of waste was collected.