Social Commitment

Employment and Labour Practices
CKHH volunteer team reaches out to their fellow citizens in Hong Kong, working closely with local teenagers and members of the disabled community to provide services to their communities.CK Hutchison has grown both organically and through acquisitions in 2015 and the CK Hutchison family now numbers over 270,000 employees in over 50 countries worldwide.  The new additions join a Group that is committed to rewarding and investing in employees according to their performance and productivity.  CK Hutchison’s team of highly motivated employees has enabled the Group to take advantage of opportunities locally and globally as they arise. Remuneration packages are reviewed individually every year to ensure that they are fair and competitive. The Group provides comprehensive medical, life and disability insurance coverage and retirement benefits. Employees also enjoy a wide range of product and service discounts offered by various Group companies.  CK Hutchison’s Employment Policy encompasses employment, remuneration, training and development, work environment and grievance procedures. Individual business may develop additional human resources procedures and guidelines in accordance with their specific business nature and needs.

Many of our businesses are recognised for their employee programmes, such as “Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2015” for ASW, “Employer of the Year” for SA Power Networks in Australia, “National Champion – Employer of the Year” for 3 Sweden, and “Asia’s Best Employer Brand” for Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings (“HTHKH”).

Health and Safety
Safe, effective and congenial workplace and policies are important in protecting our most important asset, our staff. In addition to observing international labour standards and laws where each business operates, many operating companies also created internal guidelines and systems specific to their industries to protect and ensure the health and safety of our employees. Some companies have teams dedicated to workplace safety, tools and equipment sourcing, and provide employee training to ensure that they would discharge their duties safely. HK Electric for example launched the new “Safety Excellence Scheme” to encourage every employee to enhance workplace safety. In the UK, UK Power Networks rolled out a training and coaching programme, “Behavioural Safety”, for its front line staff. The Group’s businesses continue to review and refine their Health and Safety training modules and programmes, as well as disseminate health and safety practices and learning through different communication channels and platforms.

Development and Training
As technology advances by leaps and bounds, CK Hutchison is committed to providing staff training and development programmes designed to help our employees enhance their knowledge and skills to meet the challenges of a changing era. Dedicated and motivated employees across the Group are provided with development and advancement opportunities as the Group expands its businesses worldwide.

Each division is responsible for creating and developing their own training programmes to meet specific business requirements. Trainings include internal and external courses, workshops, e-learning modules, with a view of challenging employees’ capabilities, broadening their skill sets and providing on-the-job training.

In addition, CK Hutchison provides continuous professional development training for its directors and senior management to develop and refresh their knowledge and expertise on matters relevant to the businesses of the Group. These include seminars and workshops on leadership development, corporate governance practices as well as updates on legal, regulatory and compliance topics.

Investing in the Group’s most important asset, the employees, is essential to future success.

Recruitment and Promotion
The Group believes in nurturing and developing top talents regardless of race, colour, gender, age, or religious belief. The Group has a policy to ensure all employees and job applicants enjoy equal opportunities and fair treatment. Operating in over 50 countries, the Group has an anti- discrimination policy and hires solely on merit. The Group is built with a diverse workforce with different talents and skillsets and we value the input and contributions by employees of all backgrounds and ethnicities. The management team at the CK Hutchison Head Office comprises talented individuals in their thirties to sixties, with women slightly outnumbering men by a ratio of 3:2.

The Group does not employ child or forced labour.  Whilst there is no such incident within the Group, businesses across the world are tasked to review their employment policies to ensure all measures are incorporated formally into their HR policies and implemented with vigilance.

Fellowship and Camaraderie
Wales & West Utilities colleagues renovate a school garden.As part of the Group’s corporate culture and commitment to employees, numerous activities are organised throughout the year to promote camaraderie and morale amongst staff.

In Hong Kong, the Head Office brings employees from different divisions together through a series of activities and volunteering opportunities. Individual operating companies also have numerous activities and events to serve the local communities and build team spirit amongst employees. As an annual tradition, thousands of the Group’s employees and their families in Hong Kong enjoy a Fun Day at a local amusement park with the opportunity to interact with colleagues in different business sectors. The Company also organise outings for staff and their families such as visits to the newly opened Tsz Shan Monastery and hikes on the Heritage Trail in Hong Kong.