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For immediate release12 September 2000

Orange extends CDMA international automatic roaming service to Australia

As the Hong Kong operator with the greatest number
of dual band and CDMA roaming service partners

Orange today announced the launch of CDMA international automatic roaming service in Australia. With this new roaming service, Orange customers can now enjoy unprecedented freedom of mobile communications while travelling over Hong Kong and Australia - with a single handset and a single number. As the local operator with the greatest number of dual band and CDMA roaming service partners, Orange provide the most comprehensive international automatic roaming service to guarantee boundless communication.

New CDMA roaming service to Australia

Working in collaboration with Hutchison Telecom (Australia), Orange have extended its CDMA international roaming service to Australia, bringing immediate mobile flexibility to frequent travelers and businessmen going to Australia. In addition to CDMA automatic roaming service in the United States and Canada, Orange also partnered with Japan's DDI and IDO, as well as Korea's Shinegi to roll out CDMA international roaming service in Japan and Korea in April and last December respectively.

The new roaming service to Australia is available to all Orange CDMA handsets, allowing customers to enjoy the convenience of mobile communications without the need of changing their handsets.

Report the results of Sydney Olympics via the CDMA connection

The CDMA international roaming service covers Sydney and Melbourne in Australia. Orange customers visiting Australia for the Sydney Olympics 2000 can deliver the latest Olympics information via the CDMA roaming service, thus keeping in close contact with families and friends around the world.

As the Hong Kong operator with the greatest number of roaming service partners

Orange constantly seek to extend its international automatic roaming services. More than 200 roaming service providers from all over the world have chosen Orange as their business partner. Orange is now the Hong Kong telecom company with the greatest number of roaming service partners throughout the world and its clients can exclusively enjoy a comprehensive roaming service. Automatic roaming services are now available in 119 regions all over the world for Orange users. The Orange dual band roaming service areas include Asia, Europe, North and South America, The Middle East, Australia, Africa and all the provinces in China. The Orange CDMA automatic roaming services also reaches more than 600 cities across Australia, Japan, Korea, Canada and the United States.

For any enquiry about Orange automatic roaming services, please do not hesitate to call our customer hotline at 1228.

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