on mobile at broadband speed.
The campaign, “
Leads the Mobile
Broadband Life”, promoted two differ-
ent service packs, the
HomePC and
HomeTV. Customers can “Watch
your Home TV wherever you are,
whenever you want” on your mobile
and “Bring your PC world with you
on your mobile”.
In one television ad, a smart young
man goes for a jog while being followed
by a television set. The message is clear
- it does not matter where you are, you
can watch your home television with
mobile. Another ad shows all the
icons of the Internet applications, with
a message that with
HomePC, you can
bring your PC with you anywhere. The
television campaign was supported by
printed ads, billboards, magazine adver-
torials and on-line advertising.
Austria, meanwhile, is another example
of a changing market. Up to the second
half of 2006, the campaign was concen-
trated on educating consumers
– explaining what
G can do
for people on a daily basis.
This approach has changed
dramatically and now has a
distinctly innovative, edgy feel.
“Our campaigns are now less fo-
cused on explaining a product or an
offer. Those features are not the hero of
our campaigns anymore. It is only the
hook,’’ explains Nicole Prop, Head of
Marketing Communications at Hutchi-
G Austria.
“Marketing communication right
now is all about compelling stories and
creating unique experiences. We are
moving to a more flexible campaign
architecture. Because the secret of suc-
cess at the moment is about surprising
people and the wow factor. We strongly
believe that this will be the way forward
in the future.’’
For example, the campaign for a new
tariff system which offers a “call me’’
bonus features self-made, hand-writ-
ten ads posted in urban landscapes that
have wild and crazy calls for action cov-
ering everything from Elvis to the na-
tional lottery.
For B2B,
Austria moves beyond cli-
chéd business imagery and shows how
liberating mobile communication can be
for the workforce.
Since it lets you work wherever you
want, why not move somewhere pleas-
ant like outdoors – a theme reflected in
the ads. And how about this for radi-
cal thinking – a special promotion that
gives women 25 per cent more calls be-
Marketing is now often more
about compelling stories and
unique experiences. The secret
of success is surprising people.
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