Sphere No.45 (Sep 2018)

“ Cheung Kong – the great river Yangtze that aggregates countless streams and tributaries. ” Li Ka-shing SPHERE #45 2018 16 The LONGRIVER FLOWSON From small beginnings a turbulent stream can flow, build, and grow to become a mighty river. Against the backdrop of WWII, a precocious scholar is forced from school at the tender age of 10. From a hillside village in China to a Hong Kong factory and poverty, he cannot be suppressed. From apprentice to salesman to manager to general manager in short order, he becomes an entrepreneur and the master of his destiny at 21 years old: Cheung Kong Plastics is born. Like a river, the business flows, creates new streams and accepts tributaries as it grows and moves forward. From plastics to real estate, to global ports, retail, infrastructure, energy, telecommunications and so, so much more, the Cheung Kong Group flows on. This river connects the world and has no end. Cheung Kong – the Yangtze River – at the heart of China still embodies harmony and good fortune. From a vital spring, this river flows on. COVER STORY