Sphere No.46 (Mar 2019)

CORPORATE FOCUS he CK Group always celebrates new beginnings – including the start of the new year, and the Chairman’s first Annual Dinner in his role! He was as energised and confident as his audience, who got a chance to speak with him directly. The Chairman has been with the Group for 35 years, lending to the continuity that the organisation enjoys, living up to its motto of “advancing without foregoing stability”. He thanked everyone for their hard work and contribution. He noted that he has worked with some of the people there for over 30 years and still learns from them and other team members as “mentors as well as friends”, citing the Chinese proverb “in a company of three, there are always teachings”. He launched right into the mutual teaching and learning by visiting tables at the dinner, T Family The Chairman’s inaugural Annual Dinner Chairman Victor T K Li addressed an energised audience at the CK Group Annual Dinner. While the world may have its ups and downs, he has confidence in the people around the globe that are moving the Group forward. spending time chatting with the teams. Chinese dinners can comprise many courses and Mr Li took full advantage, enjoying a course or a drink at each table he sat with. He enjoyed the “active and frank discussions” he requested in his speech, as well as the support and advice of the “many very capable people” at the dinner. While noting the economic and political uncertainties that prevail around the world, he places his confidence in the global and sectoral diversity of the Group’s businesses, ongoing Chinese economic reform and the CK Group’s solid financial base, which all buttress the human potential that is expressed every day by the entirety of the Group’s family. Indeed, when he wishes all “a happy, smooth, and healthy New Year!”, he has good reason to believe it will come true! Sphere #46 2019 08