Sphere No.48 (Jan 2020)

If you go into the electric woods today Bima Day brought it all together as a ginormous one-day, 12,000-person festival in the arts city of Bandung. Bandung has a unique ‘distro’ culture of artists and entrepreneurs who prize personal expression and craftsmanship over mass-produced products and media, making it the perfect place for the designers of Creator Reborn. The Sound of Tri stages featured a popular Electrical Forest theme illuminated with lasers, LEDs and carefully crafted designer lighting. The Sound of Tri winners took the stage along with Indonesia’s biggest acts like Sheila on 7, Padi Reborn, Elephant Kind, DJ Dipha Barus, and DJ Winky. The nation noticed and Bima Day generated a huge social media buzz and commanded the heights of social media, trending for a 24-hour cycle. More more more The success of Bima Day has shown 3 Indonesia’s commitment and ability to connect with and promote the artistic spirit in young Indonesians. It followed up with more special packages for young creatives including the AMIPro (Anak Muda Indonesia) starter pack for young Indonesians, a data package which gives unlimited access to YouTube and Viu, inspirational sources for working artists. Like in Ireland, the impact is real and measurable. As described above, the social media buzz drove bima+ downloads, leading up to and during Bima Day, to 29 million users. Brand awareness increased 3% << Sphere #48 2020 25 year-on-year. Music downloads through the app have been launched in recent years, generating their own revenue stream. Music connects Music is the language of the heart that binds and connects us all. Across Asia and Europe, 3 has done much more than just deliver music, something which every smartphone and provider does through third-party apps. The telecom group has shown that it cares about that language. It puts its command of communications behind the dreams and aspirations of artists that its customers want to see supported to thrive on the national and global level. Supporters of 3 know that it is supporting the musicians taking risks to create something beautiful, meaningful and powerful. When the spirit moves the musical soul, 3 stands with musicians, giving them a stage to reach the world. “Together with Tri, the bands are given the opportunity to be known by more music lovers.” Dolly Susanto Chief Commercial Officer, 3 Indonesia The Sound of Tri stage grows an Electrical Forest where lasers, LEDs and designer lighting dazzle. The #AmbisikuBikinBangga campaign provides the tools for creativity to flourish among young 3 users.