Sphere No.48 (Jan 2020)

01 Technology succeeds when it serves the needs of humanity’s body and soul. Sphere Magazine #48 January 2020 Cover Illustration Jessica Li Many of CKHH’s finest do their best work under the moon and stars. When the sky is dark, bright workers deliver the goods 24/7 so the rest of us can sleep well at night. Frequently, technology amazes us with the whiz-bang newness of what is made possible. But in that amazement, it is often forgotten that technology succeeds when it serves the needs of humanity’s body and soul. 3 understands this intimately, and the telecom group combines its prowess, reach and technological mastery to connect to its customers by supporting music development that touches the hearts and souls of their clients. Further upstream in the telecom businesses is the newly formed CK Hutchison Group Telecom and its subsidiary CK Hutchison Networks. Reorganising the telecom business as well as the mobile tower assets rationalises vital connectors in the emerging era of 5G, Internet of Things, drones, autonomous cars and more. Fire, and later electric light, saw man make the night-time his realm. Modern civilisation WELCOME Tech to Connect Feedback and Enquiries SphereE@ckh.com.hk Published by CK Hutchison Holdings Limited 48/F Cheung Kong Center 2 Queen’s Road Central Hong Kong Available on www.ckh.com.hk CK Hutchison In-house Editorial Team Laura Cheung Jeremy Lau Hans Leung Erica Liu Wendy Luk Ada Chan Consulting Editor Andrew Work cannot survive without the work of the night shift – those who keep the world going after midnight. Tech plays a big part in making sure that gas, food, electricity, and good times all work 24/7 through those who keep the flame burning after midnight. If the Group’s night shift looks out for us while we sleep, the Li Ka Shing Foundation looks out for the small business owners of Hong Kong when trouble strikes. In an unprecedented move, the Foundation disbursed over HK$1 billion to those struggling to keep their heads above water during Hong Kong’s recent disturbances. Almost as astounding as the heart and trust behind this programme was the use of cloud and AI technology to design the plan, evaluate applications and send cash support to worthy recipients, all in mere weeks. CKHH’s tech is delivered by those whose hearts are in the right place, day and night, to put a smile on the faces and a song in the hearts of those they serve. All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be reproduced without written permission from CK Hutchison Holdings Limited. Opinions expressed herein are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of CK Hutchison Holdings Limited. All currency conversions are approximations. ©2020 by CK Hutchison Holdings Limited (Incorporated in the Cayman Islands with limited liability)