Digitalisation with the Telecommunications Division - Utilities

Energy management based on IoT devices provides many benefits for every part of the electricity supply chain network, from power generation to the end-point consumers. The monitoring of end- users’ assets, be it heavy machinery on a plant or a household device, allows an enhanced understanding of energy consumption, enabling better forecasting and reduced energy wastage. On the supplier’s side, sensor-enabled assets help optimise asset maintenance, integrate renewable energy and avoid waste by predicting energy peaks.

The division partners with utilities companies to provide SIM cards for utility meters in residential and commercial properties in order to remotely view and control, in real-time, a property’s energy consumption. For example, the division currently has four million SIM cards in utility meters across Ireland and Italy helping customers to actively monitor their consumption of electricity, gas and water.

The division has also collaborated with energy specialists to offer energy management solutions to customers to take control of their energy usage and identify opportunities for reduced consumption. One such collaboration is with ista, one of the Group’s Infrastructure companies which is dedicated to offering data-based energy management products and services. By providing the SIM authentication infrastructure, the division is partnering with ista to offer a full suite of solutions for smart energy management.

A similar partnership has been created with an energy management specialist, Ouvert, to develop the WINDTRE Energy Supervisor which provides companies and public administrations with the tools and methodologies for advanced energy tracking to support the identification of energy efficiencies.