Environmental - Renewable Energy Use
The Group has identified increasing its uptake of renewable energy globally as a key opportunity in decreasing its carbon footprint and has identified it as a global focus area for all core businesses.

Since 2012, Hutchison Ports has progressively been installing solar infrastructure. Approximately 720 MW of renewable energy is generated annually across ports in the UK, Mexico, Spain, Australia and the UAE. Beyond these projects, Hutchison Ports will continue to seek opportunities to increase the uptake of renewable energy consumption in the division’s power mix which accounted for 9.6% of electricity consumption as at end 2020.

The procurement of 100% renewable electricity contracts in key markets across Europe continued to make progress in 2020 for all core businesses. The Retail division has achieved 100% renewable energy in three major European markets including the UK, Belgium and Netherlands meaning that Superdrug, Savers, The Perfume Shop, Kruidvat, Trekpleister and ICI Paris XL are all powered entirely by green electricity. Renewable energy therefore makes up 85% of ASW’s European portfolio and 21% of ASW’s total electricity consumption globally.

Currently, the Telecommunications division’s networks in Austria and Ireland are powered by 100% green energy and the UK and Sweden’s green energy uptake is at 90% and 86% respectively. This accounts for 26% of electricity purchased and the division is currently assessing the maturity of the renewable energy markets in which it operates to understand how it can accelerate the uptake of renewable energy in the division’s power mix. 3 Austria and WINDTRE further produce renewable energy through their own solar photovoltaic systems.

The percentage of renewable electricity across the Group remains at 10% however. While there are often barriers locally owing to a lack of renewable electricity options in particularly Asian markets, the Group is currently assessing the maturity of the renewable energy markets in which it operates to understand how this level of uptake can be materially changed.

Freeport East Hydrogen Hub

Freeport East, centred upon the Port of Felixstowe and Harwich International Port (both owned and operated by Hutchison Ports), will be one of the eight new Freeports in the UK. Working closely with a consortium of partners, Hutchison Ports is helping to position Freeport East as a world-leading green hydrogen hub and centre for excellence in sustainability over the next two years. At its peak, it is expected to produce 1GW of hydrogen, 20% of the 5GW target in the UK’s Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution. Among many other uses, the hydrogen produced will be used to power port infrastructure and equipment.

"The development of the Hydrogen Hub will allow the Port of Felixstowe and Harwich International to lead in the development of alternative fuel port equipment. Establishing a test-bed to showcase hydrogen’s potential in a port environment will establish the UK as a clear leader in developments that will help address climate change and the net zero agenda."

Clemence Cheng, Managing Director, Hutchison Ports Europe