Sustainable Business Model Innovation
The Business & Sustainable Development Commission estimates that there is a US$12 trillion worth of savings and revenues available to those seeking to meaningfully address the 2030 agenda embodied in the SDGs. This therefore suggests that business opportunity and impact on the SDGs are not mutually exclusive, but rather they go hand in hand. In other words, business cannot thrive unless people and planet thrive.

The Group is increasingly aware that consumer trends are changing in favour of more sustainable products and services, but also that there is some progress that needs to be made to close the gap between consumer intention and action. For example, in a survey by the Harvard Business Review, 65% of consumers said they want to buy purpose-driven brands that advocate sustainability, yet only 26% actually do due to barriers such as higher prices and lack of convenience. Nevertheless, it is clear that with the right ingredients, sustainability offers clear opportunities in creating competitive advantage.

Governments and municipalities are also important customers of the Group, and with many countries around the world committing to net zero, helping them achieve this goal presents a significant opportunity for the Group, particularly to the Infrastructure division. All business divisions have identified sustainability as a business opportunity, and for some parts of the Group, it already plays a significant part of the revenue stream.  Around 80% of the operating earnings for CKI is attributed to regulated businesses and these businesses are all users of clean tech in significant ways. In addition, CKI invests in clean and renewable energy businesses such as wind farms, waste-to-energy plant and hybrid renewable project.

Coming out of the pandemic, the world has an opportunity to shape long-lasting and meaningful change by building back better. Following this crisis, there will be even further opportunity to partner with the public and private sector in creating this step change.

To ensure these opportunities are leveraged and effectively monitored, the following actions have been adopted: