The Li Ka Shing Foundation
Another source of innovation for the Group is access to the extensive philanthropic network and portfolio of innovative companies in which early stage investments have been made by the Li Ka Shing Foundation through Horizons Ventures.

Mr Li Ka-shing, the Group’s founder and Senior Advisor, is well known as a leading investor in innovation and disruptive technologies. Over time, the Li Ka Shing Foundation has developed one of the world’s most extensive portfolios of investments that address many of the pressing sustainability challenges of today. Among many investments, the Li Ka Shing Foundation has been a significant backer of the following start-ups:

  • ZeroAvia, working to develop zero-emissions aviation;
  • Syzygy Plasmonics, developing a platform for cost- efficient localised production of green hydrogen;
  • AlgiKnit, seeking to transform the fashion ecosystem with rapidly renewable bio-based textiles; and
  • Soil Carbon Co, developing technology to increase crop yields as well as the carbon capture and sequestration associated with major grain crops.

Where possible, the Group partners with portfolio companies sponsored by the Li Ka Shing Foundation to use its business to act as incubators and spring boards for these innovations, for example, distributing Impossible Products and Perfect Day ice cream through PARKnSHOP.

The Foundation was also an early founding sponsor of Zoom, the now well-known communications platform for video and audio conferencing. The Group has adopted Zoom as a Group-wide standard for meetings and collaboration, an approach which has and will continue to reduce the Group’s carbon footprint through avoided travel.