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The Group’s customers take different forms. They can be retail customers, enterprises or government purchasers, but no matter the customer the Group understands that it must go above and beyond in providing top-quality and world-class products and services to also building strong relationships with customers and delivering outcomes for them that really matter.

Product and Service Safety and Quality

To ensure high levels of product and service safety and quality, audit processes are in place both internally and externally which are supplemented with division-level crisis management procedures. Product and safety complaints as well as product recalls are tracked through the Group’s Sustainability Report with the overall objective to reduce complaints year over year.

As highly material, the Retail division requires all suppliers to have quality management audits conducted. Detailed safety and quality guidelines, including risk assessments, are in place with audit requirements tailored to the product category, for example for cosmetics an ISO227162 audit report is favoured or an ASW-approved second party audit is required. New joiners with sourcing and/or development responsibilities will have an induction with the Quality Assurance team on how quality and safety must be managed, which is further supplemented with externally provided training as the role requires.

In terms of quality, 16 of our large Ports have received ISO 9001 certification including Hongkong United Dockyards, Hutchison Ports BACTSSA, Hutchison Ports BEST, Hutchison Ports EIT, Hutchison Ports FCP, Hutchison Ports FHC, Hutchison Ports ICAVE, Hutchison Ports KICT, Hutchison Ports LCMT, Hutchison Ports LCT, Hutchison Ports Sohar, Hutchison Ports TIMSA, Hutchison Ports TNG, Jakarta International Container Terminal, KOJA Terminal and Shenzhen Pingyan Multimodal Company Limited.

Services safety is a top priority at Hutchison Ports and Infrastructure. Ensuring safe operational environments not only protects our employees, but also our business partners and customers. Further information on how the Group is managing safety for all stakeholders can be found in the Occupational Health and Safety section.

As the Group’s largest European Telecommunications business by registered and active customers, WINDTRE has an integrated quality management system consisting of five certifications: Quality (ISO 9001), Environment (ISO 14001); Occupational health and safety (OHSAS 18001); Corporate social responsibility (SA8000) and Information security (ISO 27001).

Customer Engagement

At ASW, connecting with and truly understanding customers in order to be in tune with their changing needs is essential to its success.

Customer insights guide ASW’s investment in the latest digital innovations and the development of O+O (Online plus Offline) experiences. With such insights, ASW constantly improves the customer experience and builds even stronger customer connectivity.

To better understand and anticipate the needs of today’s customers, ASW has established data and research functions to actively collect and track customers’ feedback on how they feel about their purchases and shopping experiences.

Further, ASW is leveraging services from Digimind, a global social media monitoring and competitive intelligence company, for real-time social listening and analytics. Through this service, ASW is able to understand what the public is saying about its brands and competitors; analyse and benchmark the performance of its content; understand emerging topics and trends; and find the right partners, from micro-influencers to key opinion leaders, to drive brand awareness and customer engagement.

Operating mostly in regulated sectors, a high level of customer engagement is required by regulators to protect customers that are not able to choose their service providers. However, the businesses individually go above and beyond these requirements to engaging in tailored ways to identify their stakeholders’ wants and needs while maximising the value they add for customers.

Common engagement methods include meetings, workshops, online surveys, research, and in-depth interviews by phone and face-to-face. The businesses also test more innovative engagement methods to enable them to hear the views of uninformed stakeholders on complex subjects, tailoring engagement and taking professional advice to help get the best results.

In light of the pandemic, WWU sought customer views on how comfortable they were with its team members returning to deliver planned mains replacement work. WWU did this through a survey that sought views from over 2,000 people, including those shielding across Wales and South West England; 74% of customers said they were comfortable with an engineer entering their homes to complete essential work as long as they maintained appropriate protection by wearing PPE, handwashing and social distancing.

Since 2017, as another way to engage stakeholders and collaborate for better solutions, Northumbrian Water has held its Innovation Festival which brings together thought leaders from the worlds of business, science, tech, engineering, utilities and customer services to tackle real world problems together in a series of sprints. In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, Northumbrian Water’s Innovation Festival 2020 was held online for the first time with almost 3,000 individuals from 37 countries taking part to generate ideas to help tackle major societal and environmental challenges. After the Festival, eight different projects received financial backing from Northumbrian Water to help further improve the company’s operations in the areas of customer service, staff wellbeing, leakage prevention and environmental impact.