Social - Employees
The Group has over 300,000 employees and therefore has a very important role to play in being a responsible employer. These are 300,000 individuals, all with their own hopes, motivations and objectives. The long-term success of the Group depends on their dedication and engagement. This is not won over lightly and relies on creating a trusting, supportive and rewarding workplace culture.

Attraction and Retention

The Group aspires to be an employer of choice through initiatives for talent retention, competitive remuneration packages, continuous professional training, and a safe and inclusive working environment.

Employees are offered a broad range of monetary and non-monetary benefits such as long service awards, medical coverage above the statutory requirement, staff discounts and wellbeing benefits.  

In terms of human capital risk assessments, the businesses conduct regular performance reviews and for management roles succession plans are used to identify high performers and those at risk of leaving. Business continuity plans are also used and include key leadership roles. By means of example, as part of the succession planning exercise at Hutchison Ports FCP, the strength of successors for each critical role and talent pool is monitored and training conducted for key talent and successors to ensure skill development metrics are met.

The Group also aims to create a pipeline of future talent by inspiring young people to consider careers within the diverse industry segments of the Group and it does this through internship programmes, career days and encouraging management to present at universities.