Supply Chain Management

The Group’s diversified businesses are supported by a wide range of suppliers and contractors. Many of the aforementioned policies are implemented in close collaboration with the Group’s business partners. Through regular dialogue and cooperation, the Group and its partners are able to deliver sustainable value to all our stakeholders.

Sourcing Responsibly and Engaging Suppliers

The Group addresses supply chain challenges through risk management, responsible sourcing, supplier engagement and oversight.

Approach to supply chain management
The Group’s procurement activities follow a set of fair and transparent tendering process.  Tenderers are required to declare any conflict of interest and take a firm stance against fraud and misconduct. Supplier relationships will be suspended or terminated if contravention is found. 

The Group strives to bring a positive influence in the business community by setting expectations in environmental, social and governance related matters with key suppliers.

For example, ASW, the world’s largest international health and beauty retailer, has been upholding the Business Social Compliance Initiative (“BSCI”) Code of Conduct since 2008. With a goal to drive compliance, fair business practices and environmental performance, suppliers have been invited to acknowledge and endorse the BSCI Code of Conduct.

Delivering Safe and Quality Products and Services
ASW builds trust with our customers from the get-go, starting with managing the reputation of own-brand (“OB”) products.

By providing guidance to suppliers of non-OB retail products and helping them meet the ASW’s expectations on product safety and quality requirements, suppliers are steered towards developing more sustainable and responsible products.