HIGH PROFILE pop stars like Kylie Minogue and South Ko-
rean sensation Rain, not to mention a host of Cantopop enter-
tainers, are no strangers to the Harbour Plaza Hong Kong on
the Hung Hom waterfront. But when celebrities visit the hotel’s
fitness centre for a work-out, trainer Michael Chan doesn’t get
intimidated. He gets physical.
How Michael Chan
keeps celebrities in shape
By Scott Murphy
to the
A full-time fitness trainer and manager for the past three
years, Michael is the rarest of breeds: well versed in dietary
science and fitness techniques, he is also familiar with the
latest music and entertainment trends, courtesy of his time
spent with major record companies through much of the
1990s. But sensing a dead end in the industry due to declin-
ing record sales, he turned to his next great love, fitness and
weight training.
“I was working with Cantopop star Ekin Cheng before a con-
cert,” says Michael. “We came here to join the club and work
out together. We met the manager and asked if I could train
Ekin here. So I did. Word got out and now I know many artistes
and celebrities who want me to train them.”
With over 100 members and growing, one of the fitness
centre’s selling points is the breathtaking harbour view that
has been described as the best in the city. The club contains
all of the latest weight training and cardiovascular equipment
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