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to become a multi-million-dollar beverage business
have been arriving at a fast and
furious pace for the Mr. Juicy brand in its
home market this year.
For the fifth consecutive year Mr. Juicy was voted
as a Platinum Trusted Brand in the Reader’s Digest
Trusted Brands Survey. Respondents have to vote
(unprompted) for their single most preferred brand
based on trustworthiness, credible image, quality,
value, understanding of customer needs and innova-
tion. Platinum status is an extraordinary recognition
of Mr. Juicy’s market dominance: no other competi-
tor came close in the Hong Kong juice category.
In addition, a recent Mr. Juicy television commercial
won several awards in the 13th Annual Most Popular
TV Commercial Awards organised by Asia Television
and the Hong Kong Advertisers Association. It picked
up the Most Honourable TV Commercial Award, the
Top Ten Most Popular TV Commercial Award and,
for its young star,The Most Adorable Kid Award.
The award is based totally on public vot-
ing and the Mr. Juicy television commer-
cial received the highest number of votes
among the top ten nominees.
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