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5 November, 2002

Hutchison Telecom partners with Universal Music to
launch "Jacky's Music Portal On Mobile" - the exclusive content of
Hong Kong's first mobile multimedia music portal by Orange

With exclusive access to "Jacky's Music Portal On Mobile",
Orange users can play music-related interactive games, sample new songs,
download unique features and send personal SMS
to their idol right from their handsets.

Hutchison Telecommunications (Hong Kong) Limited ("Hutchison Telecom") today announced the launch of Hong Kong's first mobile multimedia music portal and the partnership with Universal Music Limited to bring the "Jacky's Music Portal On Mobile" exclusively to Orange users. From now on, Orange users can log onto "Jacky's Music Portal On Mobile" by pressing #3232 on their handsets. On the portal, they can take part in exciting interactive mobile games and download exclusive multimedia content related to the Canto pop singer Jacky Cheung, including logos and ringing tones. Users can also sample the latest hits of Jacky and send him SMS through their mobile phones.

Mrs Agnes Nardi, Managing Director of Hutchison Telecom said, "We are pleased to be the first mobile operator in Hong Kong to launch the mobile multimedia music portal, bringing music content and entertainment into our mobile services to create a new trend. Universal Music is a world-renowned music company and Hutchison Telecom is the market leader in mobile game and MMS. We have pioneered mobile interactive games, offered the most content-rich MMS, over 3,300 downloadable content, over 40 WAP games and more than ten choices of Java games. This partnership provides exclusive music content of local pop singers for Orange users, enabling them to experience the funfilled local and overseas mobile music. We will continue to work with Universal Music to create new opportunities in mobile multimedia development."

"The business of music is changing and the consumption of music is continually evolving with new technology and new trends. This campaign will allow both Universal Music and Jacky Cheung to connect with his audience and open up new vistas for new channels of communication between artist, record label and his music fans." said Mr. Harry Hui, President, South East Asia of Universal Music.

"Jacky's Interactive Music Games" - the first interactive music games for Hong Kong mobile users

From now to 5 February 2003, Orange users can take part in a range of new and interactive music-related mobile games by pressing #3232 on their handsets to enter "Jacky's Music Portal On Mobile". The game is divided into three parts. In the first part, participants will be tested on their knowledge of Jacky's music and are required to answer ten questions by SMS. Participants with the highest scores can move on to the second part where they will join a guessing game on Jacky's songs within a specified period of time. Daily winners will be awarded fabulous prizes and be entitled to enter the third part of the game, which takes the form of an instant knockout match. Participants will be required to answer questions about Jacky's music by SMS in a specified period of time, and those who get the highest scores will be the final winner who will receive the latest Motorola handset or other attractive prizes.

"Jacky's Music Download Zone" - the exclusive one-stop download zone

"Jacky's Music Download Zone" offers an exclusive array of Jacky's MMS, ringing tones of his hottest hits, handset logos, and picture messages for downloading through SMS,, Orange MMS and Orangeworld wirefree internet service. It allows Orange users to experience the fun of a combination of music and personal mobile communication services.

"Music Sampling on Mobile" - sample Jacky's latest pop songs

Orange users can simply press #6000 on their handsets to listen to Jacky's latest release anytime and anywhere, joining him in his music world.

"Words to Jacky" - send your personal messages to the superstar

Now Orange users can send personal SMS to Jacky through their handsets. After composing the message, they can send to 6088 3838 to upload the message to and websites, from which Jacky will be able to read all of his fans' messages!

Special Handset and Service Offers

From now till 31 December 2002, Hutchison Telecom provides a series of handset and service offers, in celebration of the launch of "Jacky's Music Portal On Mobile". Special offers include $100 Motorola handset coupon, one-year FREE MMS monthly service fee for purchasing Orange MMS handset, $50 service fee rebate for new subscription and redemption coupon for Jacky's special edition VCD of "Where is he".

- END -