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3: The online reservations for the first "all inclusive" formula of the Italian market start today

Two launch offers: 85 euro per month, all included, or 140 euro together with the leasing of the videophone.

Milan, November 13, 2002 - 3, the Italian video mobile company of the Hutchison Whampoa Group, marks the beginning of the era of the mobile communications of third generation in our country, opening its website to the reservations of the first UMTS offer of the Italian market.

In fact, by clicking, it is possible to access, starting from today, the Top3 section and subscribe to one of the two tariff formulas: Top3 Executive and Top3 Privilege.

The Top3 Executive launch offer is an ALL INCLUSIVE formula, revolutionary in its simplicity and transparency, destined to those who want to be first to enter the new world of the 3G service and who want to use the audiovisual mode of the communication services and the info and entertainment contents.

With a 85 monthly fee (VAT included), it comprises all the voice calls (with roaming on the Tim network in the areas that are not initially covered by 3), video calls, SMS, video messaging and MMS, e-mail (also with attached files) and the contents of the Mobile Portal of 3 (like near-live Videogoals, videonews, music, finance, points of interest, maps, etc), with the unique limit constituted by the weekly antifraud thresholds based on the consumption levels that are several times those of the 2G traffic of "heavy users".

In case the customer exceeds these thresholds, the tariffs charged are extremely competitive compared with what the market currently offers: the voice calls cost 0,12 (VAT included) per minute with a 0,15 (VAT include) set-up charge for every call; videocalls cost 0,48 (VAT included) per minute with a 0,15 (VAT included) set-up cost; an Sms is charged 0,15, and an MMS and a video message cost 0,48 (VAT included), while the contents of the Mobile Portal of 3 are charged on the basis of their typology.

The Mobile Portal of 3 has a simple and intuitive structure: only in the case in which the limit of 100 content downloads per week is exceeded, customers will pay on the basis of a totally transparent criteria considering the "page" - and not "weight" in Kbytes, which is not very controllable and verifiable - as the elementary unit of fixing of tariffs.

Beyond the limit, only the "useful" contents (such as videogoal, micro-newscast) are charged, with a predefined and visible cost, usually less than one euro: this way the customer always knows in advance how the service costs and decide whether to use it or not.

International calls, roaming and Internet connection are billed apart. For a call to a European country, customers pay 0,24 (VAT comprised) per minute with a set-up charge of 0,15, while the Internet access costs 0,60 (VAT comprised), the connection and the download costs 0,002 per Kbyte downloaded.

3 also proposes a second option called TOP3 Privilege that, with an expense of 140 (VAT included) per month, offers to customer, beyond the services and the already described terms, also the leasing of the videophone® with the possibility to change it, a time yearly, with the newest available model.

The videophones® will be two at launch, the NEC e606 and the Motorola A830, and more will be added to the range.

On the site, you will find the pictures and the technical info of the videophones available at launch, and also the demos of the service. News, test, forum and online surveys have been created to discover the "homo technologicus" or the Ulisses who is in the heart of every user registered All the models are dual-mode, with a double built-in video camera, a memory up to 64 Mb and a display supporting up to 65 thousand colors. The packaging plans for all the videophones® two batteries, the earpiece and the USB cable for the connection to laptop computer.

From today in the online website, moreover, the demos of the 3 services, the photos and the technical info of the videophones®, articles over UMTS and the 3G lifestyle are available.


H3G was set to be the first mobile video company in the Italian market. Upon obtaining a UMTS license in Italy in November 2000, with an offer of 3,25 million euro, H3G is now aiming at taking the leadership in the third generation mobile market, with the 3 commercial brand. In its shareholder there are first-rate Italian and international players in telecommunications, Internet and new media, publishing and banking. Hutchison Whampoa is the majority shareholder with 88.2% of the corporate capital. The other shareholders are CIR, S. Paolo Imi, BMI, HDP, Gemina and Tiscali.

3 is the global name for Hutchison Whampoa's 3G services. The Group holds 3G licenses in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Israel, UK and Sweden.

3G is a convergence of media, information and communication which enables access to a range of services on the move. The 3G standard (agreed throughout Europe, Japan, China, and the rest of Asia) is formally known as UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System). It represents a global standard for third-generation communication systems and is at the heart of the H3G initiative.

Gian Marco Litrico
External and Media Relations Director
[email protected]
02 4458.2129