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PARKnSHOP receives first consignment of chilled chicken

(Hong Kong: Monday, December 2, 2002) PARKnSHOP is pleased to take delivery today of some of the first chilled chickens to be imported from the mainland - a step that will bring greater choice and value for money to our customers.

We would also like to announce that as Hong Kong's leading supermarket chain, we pledge to sell chilled chicken only on the same day that it is delivered to stores; any unsold birds will be cleared at the end of each day to make way for fresh stock the next morning.

This promise, just a few days before we expect chilled chicken to be available in our supermarkets, underlines PARKnSHOP's continued commitment to meeting the highest standards of freshness, food safety and hygiene.

PARKnSHOP will offer Hong Kong consumers the widest variety of chilled chicken of any local supermarket, backed by our guarantee of superior freshness and quality.

"It marks an exciting step forward in Hong Kong food retailing, and means that in just a few days, PARKnSHOP will be able to offer customers tasty chilled chicken that provides the quality, variety and value we know they are looking for," said Mr Rocky Wong, Commercial Manager of PARKnSHOP's Fish, Meat and Poultry Department.

Inspectors from the Food and Environmental Health Department took samples from the 1,000 birds in the PARKnSHOP consignment as they passed through the Man Kam To border crossing this morning.

The remainder was sealed and will be stored at PARKnSHOP's Fresh Food Distribution Centre in Sheung Shui, where the chickens will stay sealed until given the department's all clear. This is expected to be one or two days from now.

PARKnSHOP will not, however, be selling this first batch of chickens. Under our "Fresh Check" guarantee of meeting the highest possible standards of food safety, hygiene and freshness, we will only be selling chilled chicken on the same that it is delivered to stores.

If this initial consignment is approved within a couple of days, PARKnSHOP will donate the birds to a charity that can distribute the chicken among Hong Kong's needy.

We hope to be able to have chilled chicken in our stores by the end of this week, and will explain in detail what advantages this brings to shoppers at that time.

For more information:
Please contact PARKnSHOP's Public Relations Manager, Teresa Pang
Media Hotline: 2687 5602


Established in 1973, PARKnSHOP is Hong Kong's leading supermarket chain. With its continuous commitment to innovation, quality, service and value, PARKnSHOP is well recognised by the industry through many awards, including the Hong Kong Management Association Quality Award 2000.

PARKnSHOP's well-known "Fresh Check" and "PriceWatch" programmes guarantee customers the highest possible level of food safety and hygiene while maintaining the lowest prices in town.

PARKnSHOP now operates more than 200 outlets with about 9,000 employees in Hong Kong and Macau. Of those outlets, almost 50 are Superstores.