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3 hits the streets of London
Women in long white coats with silver TVs on a lead!

17 December 2002

Hutchison 3G UK today began the first phase of its marketing campaign to build consumer awareness of its forthcoming third-generation mobile multimedia and communications services to be delivered under the 3 brand.

As the UK's first commercial 3G service, 3 will deliver live video calls, digital mapping and advanced satellite location-based services, exclusive video clips of Premiership football highlights, music, games, news and finance.

A major ambient media campaign is now underway, with a range of activities designed to reach 3's initial target audiences. As a part of that campaign, today three teams of women in stylish long white coats with silver TVs on leads are walking among Christmas shoppers in London to bring to life the concept of mobile video clips and live video calls.

Strategy and marketing director at 3, Lisa Gernon, said: "The aim of this initial phase of our marketing campaign is to begin to familiarise our potential customers with the 3 brand and communicate in a very thought-provoking and innovative way what 3 has to offer."

Hutchison 3G UK recently unveiled details of its forthcoming products and services to be marketed under the 3 brand, including details of special discounts and an outline of pricing options that will be made available to the first 20,000 'Founder' customers to sign up with 3.

The company has also announced that its new expanded online customer pre-registration area at will allow prospective customers to explore a 'sneak preview' of what will be on offer, fill out an online questionnaire to define their personal preferences and register with 3 to receive progress updates. Those who pre-register online will also be invited to view an early preview demonstration of 3's products and services in one of the company's flagship '3Stores' in London and Birmingham.


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