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VoiceStream Wireless launches wireless internet services
'Personal Portal' integrates the internet and wireless phone service with
custom information services; wireless e-mail and more

BELLEVUE, Wash.-May 9, 2000-VoiceStream Wireless (NASDAQ: VSTR ), the country's fastest growing provider of personal communications services, successfully launched the first phase of their wireless internet services allowing customers to receive news, sports, entertainment and other information on their wireless phone. The services are offered through VoiceStream's 'personal portal' called and mark the first in a series of messaging and wireless data services to be commercially available this year including e-commerce and high speed internet browsing.

Unlike other services in the marketplace, content and branding of is completely controlled by VoiceStream. The portal, custom designed with InfoSpace for VoiceStream, was built to fully integrate Internet functionality with wireless service in a manner that complements both technologies and provides a superior customer experience.

"VoiceStream's wireless internet and data strategy is consistent with our successful GET MORE business strategy which is centered around offering our customers more value in their wireless service," said Bob Stapleton, president and COO, VoiceStream. "VoiceStream's unique offering will give customers access to a broader array of Internet services than they've seen with any other provider, delivering them the information and services they want, when they want, directly to their handset."

The portal is accessible directly ( or through VoiceStream's company website ( In addition to accessing news and information services, the tightly integrated portal offers the ability to send and receive email to and from a wireless device and allows customers to filter, forward and reply to home or office email addresses. Additionally, customers can select from over 175 downloadable ringtones to distinguish their service; purchase custom face plates and accessories; manage their personal phone directory; send group text messages via the website simultaneously to multiple users; and view and pay their bill online.

VoiceStream Wireless is the largest wireless service provider in the country operating on the GSM technology platform. GSM is the globally dominant wireless standard, which offers a strong, competitive advantage in the speed at which VoiceStream can bring wireless internet and data services to the marketplace.

"The inherent strength of the GSM platform will allow VoiceStream to offer 'category killer' wireless internet services as we expand our services over the next 12 months," said John Stanton, chairman and CEO of VoiceStream. "VoiceStream's strong combination of high speed packet data, internet content and high quality wireless service will allow us to become the industry leader in wireless data and internet services," Stanton said.

VoiceStream will expand their wireless data and internet services in two additional phases adding e-commerce functionality to the personal portal and deploying high speed packet network data using GPRS.

VoiceStream's implementation of wireless internet services is being supported by a group of partners providing high speed network equipment, wireless devices and internet content. Key suppliers include Nokia, Nortel Networks and Ericcson. New, high speed wireless data devices including phones and data cards are being developed by SAGEM, Mitsubishi Wireless and Novatel Wireless respectively.

VoiceStream will partner with key content providers, including InfoSpace, Ticket Master and others, to add co-branded e-commerce services and information later this year focused on entertainment, shopping and travel services. VoiceStream will begin selling affordable phones with web browsers, including support of HTML based browsers as well.

VoiceStream's high speed packet network using GPRS will launch this fall in several key regions of the country. High speed internet browsing will be available in all VoiceStream markets by the middle of next year and GPRS handsets from both Mitsubishi Wireless and SAGEM are currently being tested on VoiceStream networks. Additionally, PCMCIA data cards from Novatel Wireless capable of supporting throughput up to 56 KBPS will be available.

"By combining two way messaging and packet data, VoiceStream is better positioned for consumer growth and acceptance of wireless data services than other wireless providers in the marketplace," said Bob Stapleton. "100% of our customer base currently have messaging capable phones, and we process over one million text messages a day on our networks."


Based in Bellevue, WA, VoiceStream Wireless is a leading provider of wireless communications services in the United States. Nearly three out of every four people in the United States live in areas licensed to be served by VoiceStream or its affiliates. VoiceStream is the largest provider of personal communication services using the globally dominant GSM technology in the United States. VoiceStream is a member of the North American GSM Alliance LLC, a group of U.S. and Canadian digital wireless PCS carriers. The GSM Alliance helps provide GSM wireless communications for their customers in more than 4,600 U.S. and Canadian cities and towns as well as international service. Adopted by 149 countries, GSM is the most widely used digital wireless standard in the world with more than 300 million subscribers on six continents, which offers an unprecedented roaming advantage to wireless consumers. VoiceStream has roaming agreements with more than 125 of the major operators worldwide providing service in 55 countries.