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25 March 2003

Hongkong Post and Hutchison Telecom unveil Hong Kong's
first Collection and Delivery Management System powered by
Hutchison Telecom's GPRS network

Hongkong Post and Hutchison Telecom today (25 March 2003) announced the implementation of Hong Kong-first Collection and Delivery Management System (CDMS) powered by Hutchison Telecom's GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) network. This system, which utilises advanced GPRS network and personal digital assistants (PDA) equipped with barcode scanning function, facilitates resource allocation to raise Hongkong Post's overall operational efficiency. The system thrusts Hongkong Post to the forefront in courier service in using innovative technology.

This afternoon Mr Tsang Kwok-lam, the Assistant Postmaster General (Postal), was joined by Mr Cliff Woo, Deputy Managing Director & Wireless Networks Director of Hutchison Telecommunications (HK) Ltd, to officiate a signing ceremony for the provision of Hutchison Telecom's GPRS network service to support the CDMS. Being the pioneer in the public sector in Hong Kong to develop a business application using the GPRS network, Hongkong Post is on schedule in conducting field test with a plan to implement the system in phases starting from May 2003. The system is anticipated to be completed by the end of 2003.

"It provides a more advanced infrastructure to enable Hongkong Post to strengthen the competitive edges to serve the community." Mr Luk Ping-chuen, the Postmaster General said, "The introduction of the Collection and Delivery Management System demonstrates we will continue to practise our value to excel through development and innovation."

"We are pleased to be selected by Hongkong Post as the sole GPRS network provider for its CDMS project. With our track record of providing innovative and powerful wireless data solutions for numerous corporations in Hong Kong, the award of this contract well demonstrate our supreme GPRS network, proven technical expertise and a leadership position in the 2.5G wireless data market. It is our firm commitment to provide even more advanced mobile applications for the corporate market to optimize their business gain." said Mrs Agnes Nardi, Managing Director of Hutchison Telecommunications (HK) Limited.

To be chosen as the sole GPRS provider for CDMS project, Hutchison Telecom has completed a strict selection process and has demonstrated its ability to the satisfaction of Hongkong Post on application development, GPRS deployment and system integration. Hutchison Telecom will continue to provide comprehensive technical support to Hongkong Post in optimizing its CDMS application.

Hutchison Telecom is currently the largest mobile operator in Hong Kong with a leadership position in 2.5G wireless data market. With superb GPRS network and technology, the Company leads the market in offering a rich portfolio of pioneering mobile data services, powerful wireless corporate solutions, innovative multimedia messaging and more. Its GPRS roaming services provides the widest coverage to over 45 countries and regions round the world.

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