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3: The new tariffs, a prepaid card and a subscription
The commercial service started with the delivery of the first videophones to the clients who have reserved

Milan, 26 March 2003 - 3, the Italian mobile video company of the Hutchison Whampoa Group, after the hit of the Top 3 promotion, totaling 140 thousand reservations in little more than three months, presents two new tariffs: the rechargeable "3 CINQUANTA", the first of the Third Generation telephony, and the subscription "3 PER TRE".

"3 CINQUANTA" offers the Nec e606 videophone and a rechargeable USIM with 30 of traffic at a price of 810. The tariff is flat and it is applied 24-7, regardless of the number of the recipient.

In detail, the cost of the traditional voice call to any national landline or mobile number is 15cent/min with a 15cent set-up charge; the national VideoCall costs 55cent/minute with a 15cent set-up charge; a national SMS costs 15cent, while for an MMS or VMS (VideoMessage) the customer spends 55cent. All prices include VAT.

Once clients reach the expense of 50 in a month, they get a bonus of 50 (VAT included) that can be spent on all the services during the month in which the amount is accredited and in the following months, without any time-related limitations. Traffic generated by a previous bonus, international traffic and roaming do not count for the attainment of the bonus.

The navigation on the 3 Mobile Portal is free for the homepage, the initial pages of every service, the page of data setting, confirmation, help, drawing of the service, error and search, while every other page visited costs 9cent. The cost of every piece of content, in a viewpoint of highest transparency towards customers, is instead visualized before its download and it is not charged based on Kbytes, but depends on the content's value.

For those who want to use the videophone as mobile modem plugged to a PC, the cost is 0,6cent per Kbyte with a surcharge of 60cent when the web is accessed.

For the rechargeable tariff, the amounts available are 30 (25 of services) and 60 (55 of services).

The "3 PER TRE" subscription lets customers purchase the Nec e606 videophone at 780, plus a monthly fee of 6, in addition to the government concession tax, equal to 5,16 for personal use or 12,91 for business use.

Also in this case the tariffs include the VAT and have the same cost as the pre-paid offer, but with an additional opportunity: the possibility to videocall two selected numbers of 3 at the same price of a voice call and send VideoMessages and MMS to these two numbers at the same cost of an SMS.

The bundle of the Nec e606 videophones includes, both for who selects "3 CINQUANTA" and who subscribes to "3 PER TRE", two lithium polymer batteries, a stereo headset, a fast battery charger, a car battery charger and the USB connecting cable.

3 - It is the commercial brand of H3G, the first mobile video company of the Italian market. After having won the UMTS license in Italy, in November 2000, with an offer of 3.25 billion of euro, 3 aims to the leadership in the third generation market. In its shareholder there are first-rate Italian and international players in telecommunications, Internet and new media, publishing and banking. Hutchison Whampoa is the majority shareholder with 88.2% of the corporate capital. The other shareholders are CIR, S. Paolo Imi, BMI, HDP, Gemina and Tiscali.

Gian Marco Litrico
External and Media Relations Director
02 4458.2129