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Vienna, 5th May, 2003

Hutchison 3G launches 3 mobile video telephony in Austria

The doors of Hutchison 3G 3Stores opened in Austria at 3 p.m. on May 5, marking the beginning of 3's mobile multi-media services in Austria.

Hutchison 3G is the first company in Austria to offer video telephony as well as many other applications that would make life more enjoyable, convenient and entertaining, which are available wherever and whenever customers want them.

"From 05.05.2003 the new age of mobile multi-media in Austria will begin," said Berthold Thoma, Managing Director of Hutchison 3G Austria. "Common voice telephony would be replaced with video telephony," he predicted.

Austria is among the first countries in the world where video telephony is being made available, enabling 3's customers to send and receive videomessages at an attractive price. Instead of just listening - as with traditional voice telephony - one can now see as well as hear.

At the start, 3 is offering video telephony in Greater Vienna and environs, as well as Linz, St. Pölten, Eisenstadt and Graz, with additional regions to be added this year.

Besides video telephony, 3 also provides customers with a broad range of customised video products that provide quick, simple and user-friendly access to information and entertainment on the move. Video clips covering a variety of themes are produced for all mobiles in 3's production facility and its partner "Cosmos Factory". Customers pay for the video download only once and can then see it as often as they like.

The content is updated several times a day and includes a variety of useful information under various categories.

  • 3News:

    The first clips of the day are available from 9 am exclusively on 3. ORF and Reuters news services provide national and international news while information about the domestic economy, sports, 3G-News, technology and media is provided by derStandard, exclusively for 3. If desired customers can be alerted that news has been received.

  • 3Sport:

    3Sport provides around-the-clock multimedia sports news on tennis, Formula 1, football, skiing and much more. The football clips are available in near real time so that customers are always up to date on Austrian, English and Italian football.

  • 3Finance:

    Keep up to date on markets and financial information with the latest video reports on the Viennese stock exchange, the German stock exchange and the Eastern European markets. Additionally, 3Finance offers personalised portfolios and investor strategies for mobile investors.

  • 3Extras:

    A variety of different ring tones and melodies differentiate the 3Mobile, while high-quality colour pictures and cartoons will raise the curiosity of your neighbours.

  • 3Spiele:

    Many downloads and online games are available, delivering fun and excitement always and everywhere.

  • 3Box:

    Do not miss anything or anybody!

    With your 3Box we help you manage and organise your voice mails, emails, and faxes. You can read your emails, answer, redirect and print them when ever you want - or you can have an urgent email read to you in German or English.

  • 3Geo:

    Don't ever get lost again - simply search and find with the 3mobile navigation system. Downloadable maps will help you find a pharmacy, restaurant, or place to stay. It also keeps you updated on current traffic conditions and calls for help in the case of emergencies,

  • VideoClip:

    With just two clicks, the top five most current clips are always at your fingertips. Additionally, with everything stored in one place customers have access to a broad range of archived clips from national and international football, political and financial news, movie, music, action sports and car-motor.


Carry the world wide web in your pocket! Using the modem-function of the 3Mobile, you can access the Internet via a laptop or handheld while on the move. The simple Bluetooth or USB connection of the 3Mobile (NEC e606) offers speeds of up to 384 kbps. You can even make calls and surf the net at the same time.


You can also be reachable elsewhere! Through a national roaming agreement with mobilkom austria, 3 guarantees country-wide provisioning of traditional mobile services such as voice telephony and SMS. International roaming also allows the use of 3Mobiles internationally. Additionally, 3 offers Multi Media" roaming in all countries where its sister companies are operating: UK, Italy, Sweden, Australia and Hong Kong.

3 price and offers:

Simple, good value and fair.

1) Das 3Mobile - Everything in one.

The 3Mobile is a voice and video telephone, a "handheld" dictafone, a photo and video camera, an audio or video player and a broadband modem. The 3Mobile NEC e606 is equipped with two video cameras, 32 MB memory, colour display, Bluetooth und USB connection. Customers of 3 can use all the services from Hutchison 3G with the purchase of two NEC e606’s for a total price of only EUR899 for both mobiles.

2 - 3) Two packages - no access charge, no minimum commitment.

3Video + 3Basic:

For EUR39 per month, customers receive 66 minutes of videotelephony, 99 3Box emails, 33 video messages and MMS, 33 downloads, 99 info-service calls and 133 minutes of voice telephony in Austria, 33 minutes of voice telephony in Europe, USA or Canada and 33 SMS. Additional services are billed.

3Video + 3Power:

For an additional EUR30 per month (a total of EUR69) customers receive an additional 200 minutes of voice telephony in Austria (total 333 minutes), 33 Minutes in Europe, USA or Canada (total 66 minutes), and an additional 33 SMS (total 66 minutes).

Where is 3?

In four 3Stores from 05.05.2003:

Mariahilfer Straße 65 in Vienna, SCS Top 148 in Vösendorf, Hauptplatz 16 in Graz, Plus City in Linz Pasching and at the 3Webstore at

At the six sales points from 05.05.2003: SCS Vösendorf, Shopping Center Nord Wien, Donauzentrum Wien, Fischapark Wiener Neustadt, Plus City in Linz Pasching and Seiersberg in Graz.

The following retailers will sell 3Mobiles und 3Services from mid-May:

MediaMarkt, Saturn, Cosmos, ProMarkt/MakroMarkt, BOF (Building of Fun - BIG BANG Handels GmbH) and 20 specialised distributors.

About Hutchison 3G Austria

Hutchison 3G Austria is a 100% subsidiary of Hutchison Whampoa Limited, headquartered in Hong Kong. Under the brand 3 the company launches as the first purely mobile multimedia provider on the Austrian market. 3 provides innovative multimedia products and services for mobile usage (e.g. video call, video clips, etc.). 3 is a convergence of telecommunication, internet and classic media.

For further information please contact:
Mag. Maritheres Paul
Head of Corporate Communications
Hutchison 3G Austria GmbH
Tel.: +43-1-74047 33704
Vanity #: +43-660-3PRESSE
3Mobile: +43-660-3773773
Handy: +43 699-1 346 3700
Fax: +43-1-74047 10200