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3 UK announces two highly competitive pricing options

Open your eyes to 3 - three times as many voice minutes as comparable plans means great value for customers

London, June 5th 2003 - 3, the UK's first video mobile company, today announced two new pricing options that will be available from Monday June 9th. These options are designed to broaden the appeal of 3, by extending the portfolio of price plans already available from the company.

The two new bundles, VideoTalk 500 and VideoTalk 750 are easy to understand, innovative and offer voice at a very competitive price. For customers on plans with comparable amounts of voice calls on other networks, 3 is offering savings of as much as 50% on the monthly charge. These two price plans also include a three month allowance for the unique video mobile and compelling content services such as, live video calling, Premiership goals on your mobile, film clips, entertainment news, games and location based services.

Open your eyes to 3

With 3's VideoTalk 500, you get 500 voice minutes to any network at any time for £25 per month. For the first three months the package will include a £10 per month allowance for making video calls, sending video messages and downloading video clips. It will also include 25 text messages per month for the first three months.

With 3's VideoTalk 750 you get 750 voice minutes to any network at any time for £35 per month. For the first three months the package will include a £20 per month allowance for video calling, video messaging and content. VideoTalk 750 will also include 50 text messages per month for the first three months. With both plans, 3 customers can send and read email and view selected online content free until the end of August 2003.

Bob Fuller, 3 CEO said: "By any measure VideoTalk 500 and VideoTalk 750 offer unbelievable value to mobile customers in the UK. With these two packages our customers can make up to 50% savings on comparable bundles from other networks. Since we started offering services three months ago, we've focused on a particular segment of the market and we've been successful in that segment. Now with these two price options we're broadening that focus to a wider audience, we want more people to enjoy the benefits of video mobile. Our customers can make a voice call from anywhere in the UK, as well as using the video calling and content services in over fifty major towns and cities across Britain."

Gareth Jones, 3 COO said: "3 is offering great value voice calls to customers, as well as all the fantastic video mobile services. These new pricing options are easy to understand and are designed to really bring home the value of signing up with 3. Customers can now find 3 products and services in over 2,000 retail outlets across the UK including selected branches of Superdrug, Dixons, The Link, Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U, as well as via a range of independent retailers. These two price points extend our portfolio, we are offering incredible services, at incredible value for money and we now have something to appeal to every customer."

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About 3

Hutchison 3G UK Limited deliver third-generation mobile multimedia and communications services under the 3 brand in the UK, offering a convergence of media, information and telephony to enable live video calls, multimedia content and entertainment while on the move.

3 services will be available from sister companies in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Israel and Sweden.

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Notes on VideoTalk 500 and VideoTalk 750

The following conditions apply to both VideoTalk 500 and VideoTalk 750: the sending and reading of email and viewing selected online content is free until end August 2003, subject to a 3's fair use policy. Certain calls are excluded from the monthly allowances such as international calls, usage while abroad, directory enquiries, premium rate calls and other special telephony services.

The 3 months of video allowances are for UK video calls and video messaging as well as other selected video services. There is no roll-over of monthly allowances from month to month. Calls and content usage above the monthly allowances are charged at 3's standard service prices (calls to other 3 users and voicemail are 5p per minute, calls to UK landlines are 10p per minute from the Video service area and 15p per minute from the voice and picture service area, calls to other UK mobile networks are 25p per minute), and video calls above the 3G allowance are charged at 50p a minute.

All of 3's price plans are based on a simple and transparent event-based charging system linking payment to specific items of content downloaded by the customer. Additionally there are no complex peak and off-peak charges: voice and video calls are billed according to fixed tariffs, regardless of the time of day or day of the week.