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Vienna, June 17th, 2003

3SummerPromotion - A lot more. For a lot less.

The future is Mobile Multi Media, and 3 eases the entry into this new world: with video packages at a more affordable price, 3Mobiles for unbelievable prices, information services for free until the end of the summer and an exceptional low tariff for voice telephony.

Join now: 3Mobiles from 0,- or bundle prices from 19,- per month

Everyone who signs up from the 21st of June until the 23rd of September has the choice now in addition to the already-existing two bundles with no minimum contract term (3Basic and 3Power), 3 offers three new bundles with a minimum contract term of 12 months (3VideoPlus). With these bundles customers will either save with the lower purchase price of the 3Mobile or the reduced monthly bundle price.

Now, Voice calls starting at 0,4 Cents across all Austrian networks, 24hrs a day

If a customer decides to take the 3Mobile for free, he will pay a bundle price of 69,- per month. This includes the 3VideoPackage (containing 66 minutes of video calls, 99 3Box e-mails, 33 video messages, 33 downloads and 99 info service calls) for a package price of 24,- and 800 voice call minutes across all Austrian networks, 24 hours a day. (3VideoPlus 800)

If the customer pays 149,- for the 3Mobile, the monthly costs amount 49,-. In addition to the 3VideoPackage in this case the customer gets 500 voice call minutes across all Austrian networks, 24 hours a day. (3VideoPlus 500)

If the customer pays 299,- for the 3Mobile, he only pays 25,- per month. This way he enjoys the advantages of the 3VideoPackage and has 250 voice calls across all Austrian networks, 24 hours a day. (3VideoPlus 250). In this case the price for the included 250 voice minutes amounts 0,4 Cent per Minute.

Tariffs without minimum contract term - from 19,- per month with no risk

Customers who choose (or already chose) 3Basic will only pay 19, (instead of 39) per month from now on. Additionally they receive the 3VideoPackage that is 133 voice call minutes within Austria, 33 voice call minutes within the EU and 33 SMS. For 3Power the customer pays 39,- instead of 69,- per month including the video package and 333 voice call minutes within Austria, 66 voice call minutes within the EU and 66 SMS.

Sign up now and profit forever

The very low tariffs for voice telephony are a landmark. Anyone who signs up with 3 gets all the advantages of Mobile Multi Media (e.g. Video telephony) yet does not have to give any thought to the old way of communicating (voice telephony), which he receives on top. Those customers who sign up for the summer promotion, profit from this offer as long as they remain a 3customer. Why should any customer continue to use his old mobile if with 3 he gets Mobile Multi Media as well as voice telephony at the lowest possible tariffs?

About Hutchison 3G Austria

Hutchison 3G Austria is a 100% subsidiary of Hutchison Whampoa Limited, headquartered in Hong Kong. Under the brand 3 the company launched as the first purely mobile multimedia provider on the Austrian market. 3 provides innovative multimedia products and services for mobile usage (e.g. video call, video clips, etc.). 3 is a convergence of telecommunication, internet and classic media.

For further information please contact:

Maritheres Paul
Head of Corporate Communications
Hutchison 3G Austria GmbH
Tel.: +43-1-74047 33700
Vanity #: +43-660-3PRESSE
3Mobile: +43-660-3773773
Handy: +43 699-1 346 3700
Fax: +43-1-74047 10200