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Hutch unveils latest strategies to expand its customer base
through the launch of "Buy-one-get-one-free" campaign for
Sanyo terminal and "Say by Hutch" campaign with free Motorola
V680 terminal which offers super quality voice and SMS services
to the mass market

Hutchison CAT Wireless MultiMedia Ltd., the marketing service provider of CDMA2000 1X wireless high-speed multimedia services under the brand "Hutch", today announced the launch of two major marketing strategies, i.e. 'Buy-one-get-one-free' campaign for Sanyo terminal and 'Say By Hutch' campaign offering super quality voice and SMS services, to expand its customer base in Thailand.

"The 'Buy-one-get-one-free' campaign is going to be our first most competitive customer acquisition campaign this year aiming to expand our existing customer base and to create a real 'Hutch community.' " said Stephen Sun, President & CEO of Hutchison CAT Wireless Multimedia Limited.

Under the "Buy-one-get-one-free" program, the purchase of a Sanyo SCP-550 terminal at 13,900 baht starting July 1, 2003 will entitle the buyer to an additional Sanyo terminal for free with 12-month contract. The free handset comes with a choice of four service packages: Hutch 780, Hutch 1080, Hutch 1480 and Hutch 1880. For current Hutch service subscribers who bought the Sanyo terminal at normal price before July 1, 2003 will also be eligible to get a free Sanyo SCP-550 terminal at any Hutch shops for new registration with a 12-month contract. Moreover, the previous Hutch Xplore, Xtra and Xtreme service packages will also be extended for one more year to end 2004.

"We are determined to take full advantage of all of the functionalities offered by CDMA2000 1X technology. With the ability and efficiency of CDMA2000 1X network and the high market demand on quality voice service for light data user, we have also designed an exciting new offer based on our outstanding technology. Our "Say by Hutch" service offers consumers unparalleled voice service with crystal clear signals and highly reliable transmission quality. The "Say by Hutch" offer represents real value for money that will resonate with consumers throughout greater Bangkok and the Eastern of Thailand." he said

"Say by Hutch" is a super quality voice plus SMS service that is now being offered to the market. This service is available with the Motorola V680 terminal. The Motorola V680 terminal in two colours offers exceptionally good voice transmission and reception quality as well as 16 polyphonic ring tones. The "Say by Hutch" program offers various handset prices and airtime packages.

Airtime Packages/ per month

PackageInclusive Free MinutesMonthly Fee (Baht)
Say 450220450
Say 650350650
Say 950650950
Say 125012501250

Terminal Offers

Terminal PriceAirtime Packages Available
3,990 BahtAll packagesWith no contract
1,490 Baht*Say 650, Say 950 and Say 1250
With 12 month-contract
490 Baht**Say 950, and Say 1250
With 12 month-contract
0 Baht**Say 1250
With 12 month-contract

Remark: * One month advance payment is required. ** Two months advance payment is required.

"The 'Say by Hutch' campaign is epitomised by a FREE terminal offer for Motorola V680 for those who subscribe to our Say 1250 service package with 12-month contract. This is a vital strategy for any new mobile service provider to raise market awareness and to build up customer base. We are confident that with our super voice quality and advance technology, our customers are going to benefit from our new offerings and clear service path migration from simple voice and SMS to high speed multi-media services." he concluded.

The 'Buy-one-get-one-free' and 'Say by Hutch' campaigns are available for subscription at all Hutch shops, shop-in-shop in selected Watsons and i-mobile stores and all authorized dealers of Hutch.

About the company

Hutchison CAT Wireless MultiMedia Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between the Communications Authority of Thailand and Hutchison Wireless MultiMedia Holdings Limited. The company has been awarded the contract to provide marketing services for digital CDMA mobile telephone services. The services include voice and advanced data applications with the emphasis on leading edge, state-of-the-art services and products.