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Press Release, August 7, 2003

Roaming liaison between Danish telecom giants.

The 3G-telecom company 3 - offering mobile video
communication - has signed an agreement of collaboration
with the telecom company TDC. This agreement will ensure
3's Danish customers access to the national network, in
areas outside the company's own network

In the process of building broadband for mobile telephony in Denmark, the telecom company 3 is expecting its network to cover at least 30% of the Danish population by launch in the fourth quarter of 2003. Signed today, the agreement with TDC will secure 3's customers national full network coverage for mobile telephony and SMS.

- The ongoing roaming agreement we have signed with TDC can be extended if necessary. When launching our services we will offer two levels, the first is traditional mobile telephony and SMS from anywhere in the country - making use of TDC's network, whilst at the second level we will offer access to the mobile broadband in areas covered by 3's own network. By the launch at least 30% of the Danish population will have access to our mobile broadband. By the end of 2008 our network coverage will expand to 80% of the Danish population as is required by our UMTS-licenses, said 3's General Manager for Denmark Christian Jørgensen.

- We are pleased that 3 has chosen TDC as their supplier. This emphasises the quality of TDC's mobile network as well as proving TDC's ability to offer our partners a high level of collaboration and competitive terms, said Mads Middelboe, General Manager of TDC Mobil.

Complete network coverage

When within 3's network coverage area, customers can use the multitude of opportunities available via 3's new mobile broadband. In addition to the ordinary use of mobile phones, customers can communicate via mobile video telephony - talking whilst simultaneously seeing the other person on the screen. Furthermore broadband services enable recording, the sending and viewing of video clips, receiving e-mails, gaming, listening to music or being updated on news, sports, entertainment etc. via the new mobile portal. When the user moves out of 3's network the phone will automatically shift to TDC's network enabling the user to make ordinary phone calls and send SMS's.

Further information

Christian Jørgensen, General Manager, 3, Denmark.
Phone: +45 3527 5420, e-mail:

Mika Bildsøe Lassen, Manager of Communications, 3, Denmark.
Phone: +45 3527 5452, mobile: +45 2524 5452, e-mail:

TDC's Press Office, phone: +45 7020 3510