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Vienna, 08. October 2003

3VISUAL - Hear with the eyes

The Deaf can telephone in their native language for the first time with the mobile Videophone from 3.

Mobile Video Telephony is a completely new communications device for the deaf. Using Video Telephony more than 15,000 deaf and their sign language fluent relatives have the ability to communicate with one another in their native tongue, using sign language, using a mobile phone. Sign language is a nonverbal language of motion and space, the hands and the eyes, mimicry and gesticulation. Video telephony enables the deaf, to communicate with one another in real time-meaning to see and be seen in order to communicate as if they were in person.

3Visual - for EUR 39,- per month - see Communication as something completely new

With 3Visual 3 is putting out a price plan especially for the deaf. One is able to use Video telephony more simply, and additionally communicate inexpensively. For a fixed package price of 39 per month, one receives in the 3Visual package 66 minutes of Videotelephony, 99 3Box emails, 33 video messages or MMSs, 33 downloads and 99 information service calls, in addition 333 SMSs in the 3 Network and 333 SMS to other networks.

With this special plan the price for Video telephony is 50% of the price of similar 3 Tariffs. Also the price for SMSs, which are included in the package, cost only 0.10/SMS instead of 0.15/SMS. Basically 3Visual is not just offered to the deaf, but also to anyone else who would like it. Therefore this tariff is special both for the deaf and for their relatives and friends.

3Coverage - a network for human connection.

The innovative products and services of 3, which make the lives of the deaf and others more simple can be used right now in the Vienna metropolitan area, Wiener Neustadt, Graz, Linz, Eisenstadt, Innsbruck, and Klagenfurt. To make sure that all of Austria will be connected as soon as possible and then have the benefit of a completely new dimension of mobile communication 3 is working under the highest pressure to build out a complete 3G-network: Wels, Bregenz, Dornbirn, Lustenau, and Villach are coming up next. 3 will ensure that by the end of 2004 about 50% of the Austrian population will be covered by mobile multi-media service. Basic mobile telecommunications services such as voice telephony, SMS, and MMS are already available everywhere in Austria.

3 Sign Language Dictionary - every single sign counts.

The interactive and mobile sign dictionary, which contains about 1,700 signs, is a part of "Art and Culture - Virtual Frame," an art project initiated by 3 together with the Institute for Media arts department Art and Science transfer. The signs were developed by Peter Muzak under the project leadership of Boris Manner. Sign Language teacher Thomas Fellinger, who has been deaf since birth made the signs in short videos.

With these signs hearing and deaf people can understand one anther without mastering the language of the other. Hearing people have the possibility to learn the most important signs quite simply. And that is only the beginning, the sign language dictionary can then be built interactively adding continuously words and signs. The downloaded videos can also be sent in a video message, and the already downloaded videoclips can be strung together to build sentences.

3 Deaf Competence - in Cooperation with the WITAF.

3 has built the capability of allowing the deaf to speak using the 3Visual package in cooperation with WITAF (which has been in the service of the deaf since 1865). As thanks for their help 3 has given WITAF twenty test mobiles. Thus they can improve by the advice given by the deaf and therewith work to improve the service for the deaf.

About 3:

Hutchison 3G Austria GmbH is a 100% daughter firm of Hutchison Whampoa Limited in Hongkong and has had a UMTS license since November 2000. On the 05.05.2003 the firm came into the market to offer 3 services.

About WITAF:

The WITAF (Vienna deaf and dumb care society) has been in servcie since 1865. The WITAF is led by Professor Julius Tandler, who also has worked for a long time to develop the WITAF according to today's statutes. We keep this name, WITAF, even though it is no longer up-to-date, because we honor our tradition and acknowledge the achievements of the founders. Today WITAF stands for knowledge, information, tradition, current and the needs of deaf people.

Maritheres Paul
Hutchison 3G Austria GmbH
Tel.: +43-1-74047 33700
3Mobile: +43-660-3773773