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[For Immediate Release]3 December 2003

HGC Collaborates with INET in Thailand and HiNet in Taiwan
to Explore Opportunities In IP-Related Service Markets

Hutchison Global Communications ("HGC") announced today that it will collaborate with the Internet Thailand Public Company Limited (INET) and with HiNet in Taiwan to target market opportunities in IP-related services. This represents two significant milestones reflecting HGC's success in its international business in more than 10 overseas markets in the past 12 months.

Last month, HGC signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with INET to identify opportunities in launching IP-related applications in the near future. INET is the first ISP listed in Thailand Stock market, and the MOU builds on a provider-customer relationship by which HGC has been the IP-Transit service provider for INET, whose customers are constantly in demand for high-speed Internet connectivity.

In addition, HGC has clinched a peering agreement with HiNet. Leveraging the well-established relationship, both companies will explore opportunities to further develop IP-related services.

A Leader in Thailand IP-Transit market

HGC has provided IP-Transit services to a number of major customers in Thailand including the country's Ministry of University Affairs, a government education agency. In a span of one year, HGC has acquired a 24% share of the IP-Transit service market, securing a market leader position in the International IP-Transit service segment. HGC's leadership in that market in turn reaffirms Hong Kong's position as the telecommunications hub in Asia.

HGC hails the MOU as a testament to the success of the strategy being pursued by the company's International Division. Andrew Kwok, Head of International of HGC, said: "Our business development and investments in Asia are for the long term, capitalising on Hong Kong's position as a regional telecom hub. To realise this goal, we have forged ahead building stronger and closer ties with major and reputable carriers, telecom and IT organizations in the region while introducing well-tested technologies in Asia and flexible services to the telecom sector in Asia."

Morragot Kulatumyotin, Senior Executive Vice President of INET said, "The signing of the MOU to jointly explore the offer of IP-related applications for Hong Kong-Thailand communication traffic in collaboration with HGC represents our incessant strive to provide quality and value-added services to our customers, and this is deeply embedded in our core business philosophy. We deeply appreciate the support offered by HGC and CAT Telecom Public Company Limited in transferring technologies needed by us to better serve our customers in response to the rapidly changing market landscape."

The Second FTNS operator in HK to clinch IP peering in Taiwan

HGC recently signed a peering agreement with HiNet, a wholly owned subsidiary of Chunghwa Telecom Co. Ltd. and the largest ISP in Taiwan. A peer-to-peer arrangement is feasible only when both parties are on par in terms of technical capability and network capacity and resources.

Under the agreement, both companies will share bilaterally the network capacities to cope with the ever-growing demand of IP transit services between Hong Kong and Taiwan. HGC and HiNet will flow data traffic onto their co-owned circuits for serving their customers. As a result of this peering arrangement, HGC can transfer the cost benefits to its customers in the long term with instant and efficient access to Internet community of Taiwan.

HGC continues to expand international network

HGC International Business Division, set up 18 months ago, aspires to boost the company's status as a major regional player. In the past 12 months, it has so far established seven overseas offices in Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and the US, and three representative offices in Mainland China - Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Furthermore, HGC owns Points of Presence ("POP") in Malaysia, Taiwan, the Philippines, Singapore, Japan and the US. The company has also successfully applied for a Type II licence in Taiwan and a SBO in Singapore.

HGC has close to 50 bilateral partners located in different parts of the globe, and the company has earmarked funds for further investments in upgrading technologies and establishing self-owned telecommunications facilities in markets with high potential, in an effort to build itself eventually into a regional telecommunications carrier of carriers.

At present, HGC is providing services to 40 telecom carriers / ISPs, more than 30 multinational corporate customers and more than 400 SMEs around the world. It will also continue to focus on serving customers who need support at the global level while avoiding excessive capital investment commitments as the company can co-operate with key local players in rationalising the utilisation of respective infrastructure and network capacity.

Kwok observed, "Improvements in the current global market climate will provide further impetus for us to expand in the region. Global economic recovery will lead to an increase in international businesses which in turn will drive demand for international communications services at a competitive price. We believe we are now at an excellent point of time to expand our presence in the world marketplace by taking a cooperative approach with key players in each key overseas market. The reason is that the model of being a pure play wholesaler in outsourcing capacity and building out extensive networks has proved not practicable and cost-effective."

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About Hutchison Global Communications

Hutchison Global Communications (HGC), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Hutchison Whampoa Group, owns and operates the largest full fibre-optic network in Hong Kong. Together with the unlimited scalability of its bandwidth capacity from its global submarine cable systems and direct link to mainland China networks, HGC provides instant connectivity to cities in Asia, the US and Europe.

Riding on HGC's advanced fibre-optic technology, its customers enjoy its leading-edge services such as Ethernet symmetrical broadband access, corporate data transmission solutions, International Private Leased Circuit Services, Internet Protocol Transit Services, as well as quality local and overseas call services. Building on its leading presence in Hong Kong, HGC is also planning to gain a further strategic foothold in the global marketplace. For more details, please visit

About Internet Thailand Public Company Limited (INET)

Internet Thailand Public Company Limited (INET) is a listed company on the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the country's leading Internet Service Provider that successfully provides high-speed Internet connection as well as highly secure and reliable online transaction services. Its huge network covers one-third of the country's entire Internet network and traffic. It offers e-commerce infrastructure and services via In maintaining its leadership, Internet Thailand continues to push for technological advancement to ensure efficient and quality services to all users in the country. Its core businesses include Internet access, hosting, leased line, and broadband Internet services.

About HiNet

HiNet is the largest ISP, a wholly owned subsidiary of Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. in Taiwan. Today HiNet owns 3.5 million Internet customers and more than 55% of customers are using ADSL to access the Internet world. HiNet is a full featured internet access provider with variety of content services platforms and IP switching HUB in Taiwan. In additional to ISP related services, HiNet is also providing variety of value added services and responsible for the nationwide information infrastructure project. For more information, please visit

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Hutchison Global Communications
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Senior Manager - Public Relations
Tel: (852) 2128 6708

Andrew Kwok, Head of International, Hutchison Global Communications, and Morragot Kulatumyotin, Senior Executive Vice President, Internet Thailand Public Company Limited, are committed to establishing stronger and closer relationship between the two companies to introduce advanced technologies and flexible telecom services in Asia.

Hutchison Global Communications signed the MOU with INET to identify opportunities in launching IP-related applications in the near future.

(From Left)
1. Chirawat Mahawat, Advisor - Thailand, Hutchison Global Communications;
2. Andrew Kwok, Head of International, Hutchison Global Communications Limited;
3. Morragot Kulatumyotin, Senior Executive Vice President, Internet Thailand Public Company Limited;
4. Buncha Srisamanuwat, Executive Vice President, Engineering Group, Internet Thailand Public Company Limited;
5. Suvech Ongla-or, Executive Vice President, Finance Group, Internet Thailand Public Company Limited.