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Hutchison Telecom won two awards in
"2000 CDMA Industry Achievements Awards"

Hutchison Telecom has recently won "International Leadership Award" and "Five-Year Anniversary Recognition Award" presented by the CDMA Development Group (CDG). Hutchison Telecom was the only company to be awarded two distinctions, further confirming its leadership position in the development of CDMA mobile communications.

CDG is a worldwide organisation whose mission is to promote the development of the latest CDMA technologies and innovative services with over 100 member companies throughout the world, including major mobile operators and manufacturers. This year, CDG selected Hong Kong as the venue for hosting the second "CDMA Industry Achievement Awards", highlighting the outstanding performance by Asian countries in the development of CDMA mobile services.

Out of the eight awards presented, Hutchison Telecom was the only organization that won two awards. The "International Leadership Award" honors Hutchison Telecom's achievements in the development of CDMA international automatic roaming services, and "Five-Year Anniversary Recognition Award" is a recognition to the company's long-term contribution to the development of CDMA mobile communications.

Over the past five years, Hutchison Telecom has achieved several "firsts" in the development of CDMA cellular services. The Company is the world's first operator to launch a commercial CDMA network and the first to provide CDMA automatic roaming services to the US and Canada. Last year, the company partnered with Shinsegi in Korea, and DDI/IDO in Japan, as well as GTE Telecommunication Services to pioneer the first automatic roaming among Hong Kong, Japan & Korea. Devoted to the high-speed data communications, Hutchison Telecom also launched the first QNC 14.4Kbps (Quick Net Connect) technology in Hong Kong in May this year.

"It is a very great honour to receive the prestigious International Leadership Award and Five - Year Anniversary Recognition Award," said Stephen Ngan, Deputy Managing Director and Sales and Marketing Director (Wireless) of Hutchison Telecom. "These Awards represents Hutchison Telecom's dedication and commitment to the growth of CDMA mobile services in Hong Kong over the past five years, and the driving force for us to move forward."

"With the launch of Orangeworld wirefree internet service in May, we are providing CDMA users the most advanced and content - rich wireless internet service in town. To migrate to the 3G mobile communications world and maintain our leadership position in the marketplace, we also partnered with Motorola in the development of IS95B high - speed data transmission technology," Mr. Ngan added.