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TOM.COM launches eight vertical portals
setting further milestones for the ultimate user experience
with "Autonomy"

HONG KONG, 27 June 2000 --- TOM.COM LIMITED (TOM.COM or TOM) announced today the official launch of eight vertical portals complemented by cutting-edge technology and user-oriented features.

An Aggregation of Most Popular Verticals with In-depth and Comprehensive Content

The eight portals going online today on TOM.COM include "News Desk", "Finance Center", "Game Zone", "Tech Space", "Movie Avenue", "Music Scene", "Travel Gateway" and "Leisure Place". Covering a broad range of favorite topics and special highlights, these portals aims at achieving popular appeal and catering to the diverse interests of the users.

"Since our debut in January, we have devoted our efforts in building a mega portal that offers both depth and breadth on an intelligent platform. We are pleased to unveil today our eight popular verticals offering an exciting blend of content. It represents a milestone development as we move forward to fulfilling our ultimate goals to bring China to the World and the World to China," said Carl Chang, CEO of TOM.COM.

Unique Artificial Intelligent Technology Sets New Standard in Personalization

Along with the launch of the eight vertical portals, TOM.COM also introduces "Autonomy", a dynamic and intelligent context matching technology researched and developed by U.K. Cambridge University. TOM is the first Chinese portal worldwide to employ this cutting edge technology.

The significance and application of "Autonomy" lies in its capability to attain a new standard of Internet "personalization". Profiling an individual's surfing habit and interests, "Autonomy" enables the delivery of information to individuals on a truly personalised basis.

"Autonomy" embodies three unique features: Automatic Suggestion, Agent and Profiling. "Automatic Suggestion" automatically prompts related links and websites to users related content alongside their browsing pattern and content. The "Agent" feature scours the Internet on your behalf, searching for information based on specified interests and requirements. "Profiling" tracks and learns the user's surfing behaviour, allowing them to view the content recommendations any time. The unique cross-language search between English and Chinese offers further users advantage into TOM's world of exciting and comprehensive infotainment experience.

"With the adoption of "Autonomy" on TOM.COM, we are offering users unprecedented user experience, exemplifying the unique positioning of TOM as a friend and guide. More importantly, this sophisticated platform enables targeted and effective advertising and e-commerce opportunities matching users' personalised interest and needs. Coupled with our rich content, we strongly believe we own an unrivalled edge over the competition," added Carl Chang.

Unique Features through Applications of Latest Technology

Following the launch of "TOMCAST", a personalized news ticker technology earlier this year, TOM.COM continues to blend technology into user applications and extend its users' features.

These include the introduction of "TOM's Daily", which offers content download onto a Palm Pilot; and "TOM's Shop", the virtual mall of TOM-branded merchandises utlitizing TOM's Online Payment Solution (TOP). Other new unique features include [email protected], the interactive forum for online challenges and competitions and "TOM's Card Stand" which provides e-cards with exclusive designs from renowned artists.

Speaking at the launch, Mr Chang said: "We are proud to unveil today what TOM.COM has in store for everyone of us. Our Grand Launch is just the beginning of our journey to extend and enrich our portal. Forthcoming portals are already underway and will cover a wider range of themes from arts, culture, sports to social topics, developing TOM as the ultimate destination for Chinese and on China.

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