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Hong Kong - 6 April 2006

3 Hong Kong Completes HSDPA Trial and
NEC commissioned to start HSDPA roll out

3 Hong Kong, a subsidiary of Hutchison Telecommunications (Hong Kong) Limited, has become the first 3G operator in Hong Kong to announce the completion of a field trial of High Speed Downlink Packet Access ("HSDPA") on UMTS ("3G") network. The Company announced today that it has commissioned its trial partner and existing 3G network supplier NEC to immediately commence HSDPA rollout in Hong Kong. This initiative once again reinforces the Company's commitment to ensuring that its 500,000 plus 3G customers will be ready to enjoy even better video quality and a broader range of multimedia mobile communications, as soon as the HSDPA compatible mobile devices are available.

3 Hong Kong's HSDPA-enabled 3G network will be able to reach the data transferred rates of up to 14.4Mbps. This means that ultimately subscribers can download a typical movie clip or an interactive game with approximately 38 times the speed of current 3G speeds.

Amy Lung, Commercial Director - Consumer Market of 3 Hong Kong, said, "3 Hong Kong is once again charting the course of development for 3G in Hong Kong. With the successful trial and imminent network rollout, we are well positioned to be the first to provide 3 Hong Kong's supporters with a highly enhanced mobile communications experience, once the HSDPA compatible devices become available. In this significant stage of development, we are pleased to be partnering our existing 3G network supplier NEC, who is recognized throughout the industry for its proven expertise and global experience in deploying 3G and HSDPA technology."

Toshiyuki Mineno, Senior General Manager of NEC's Carrier Solutions Business Unit, said, "NEC has been working closely with Hutchison on a wide range of business projects worldwide, including the launch of 3 Hong Kong's advanced 3G network. We are pleased to see this fruitful collaboration being extended into the deployment of NEC's HSDPA technology on 3 Hong Kong's 3G network. We are ready to deliver our HSDPA to 3 Hong Kong's commercial network and are confident that its customers will enjoy enriched and high speed mobile services."

At today's press conference 3 Hong Kong performed a live HSDPA demonstration over its 3G network. The configuration for this live demonstration was the same as the one used for the live field trials conducted by 3 Hong Kong and NEC over the past three months. Based on NEC's HSDPA infrastructure and with a 1.8Mbps HSDPA enabled data-card, 3 Hong Kong demonstrated a successful HSDPA download of an animation-embedded file and high quality video clip streaming through a laptop computer. About five-time speed improvement was shown when compared with the current 3G speeds, as well as enhanced video image quality.

3 Hong Kong's HSDPA enabled network will be ready in the third quarter of 2006. The Company intends to launch HSDPA commercially, once the HSDPA-enabled handsets and devices are available in the market.

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About Hutchison Telecommunications (Hong Kong) Limited

Hutchison Telecommunications (Hong Kong) Limited ("Hutchison Telecom Hong Kong") is currently the largest mobile telecommunication service operator in Hong Kong*. Since 1983, it has always been a pioneer in the development of mobile telecommunication deploying multiple mobile technologies including 1G AMPS/ TACS, 2G GSM/ CDMA and 2.5G GPRS/ IS95B in Hong Kong.

Hutchison Telecom Hong Kong is committed to providing high quality mobile telecommunication services, telecom retail services and call centre services in Hong Kong and Macau, as well as mobile telecommunications consultancy services in Mainland China. It is also the first operator in Hong Kong to roll out world-class 3G service under the "3" brand, leading Hutchison Telecom Hong Kong's technical and service excellence into the 3G era.

Hutchison Telecom Hong Kong is a subsidiary of Hutchison Telecommunications International Limited ("Hutchison Telecom"). Hutchison Telecom is a leading listed telecommunications operator (SEHK:2332; NYSE:HTX) focusing on dynamic markets. It currently offers mobile and fixed-line telecommunication services in Hong Kong, and operates or is rolling out mobile telecommunication services in India, Israel, Macau, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Indonesia and Vietnam.

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* As of 31 December 2005

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