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3 customers driving boom in mobile user-generated content

12 million downloads on SeeMeTV since launch
350,000 Kink Kommunity postings per day

London - 28 September 2006

3, the mobile media company, announced figures today showing that the "social networking" phenomenon which is transforming the internet has gone mobile. Increasing numbers of 3's 3.75 million customers are using self-generated content services like SeeMeTV and joining virtual communities like 3's new Kink Kommunity on their mobile phones.

SeeMeTV passes 12 million downloads since launch

3's SeeMeTV service, which allows customers to share videos and make "cash for clips" from viewings, has seen more than 12 million downloads since its launch last October. In the same time period there have been in excess of 100,000 uploads to the service, generating more than £250,000 for contributors.

The service has recently been extended to include wallpapers and will shortly be extended to include user-generated ringtones, opening up a further potential for revenue growth and evolving the service format into a user-generated digital marketplace.

Kink Kommunity - social networking on 3

3's new social networking site "Kink Kommunity" has already signed up over 50,000 paying subscribers since its launch in July 2006. It receives on average 350,000 postings per day and generates 80,000 MMS submissions each month. Kink offers a new platform for people to meet and share their lives on a moderated portal.

Kink offers a forum for members to contribute and rate photos and videos, as well as chat. 3's customers can opt for either a daily (20p) or monthly (£1.49) subscription giving Kink members full access to the online forum and as many images and videos as they like.

Kink demographics

  • 80% of Kink members choose the monthly subscription offering
  • Kink females do the most "chatting" and posting.
  • There is a wide mix of age groups using the service, with the 18-20; 21-24; and 25-29 age groups all attracting 10,000 - 15,000 users each.
  • Kink is also appealing to older users, with around 15,000 subscribers above the age of 30.

    Graeme Oxby , 3's Marketing Director, commented:

    "Social networking sites are massive on the internet and we're bringing that model to mobile to create new communities over the 3 network. Clearly it's working, with over 350,000 messages between kinksters every day - this is already a vibrant community in just two months. With over 3.75 million customers, 3 has a fantastic opportunity to create new communities. User-generated services are driving the development of new revenue streams over mobile in a whole range of ways."

    To meet other Kinksters, go to


    Notes to editors

    Kink Kommunity is based on an award-winning formula, having won the Australian Mobile Media Industry Award for Best Mobile/Wireless product. In the UK, Kink established a substantial user base within hours of launching the service and has already seen two Kinksters get married over mobile.

    About 3

    3 is a mobile media company delivering a convergence of communications, entertainment and information to customers on the move.

    The three areas which form the core of its business are:

  • Communications - including all forms of personal communications, voice and video calling; text, picture and video messaging; and mobile blogging
  • Entertainment - including television, music audio and video, computer games, and media publishing
  • Information services - including wireless web, access to the best of the internet and a range of news services

    3 UK is a member of the HWL group of 3G companies, which include 3G operations in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Sweden and soon Norway.

    Three facts about 3:

  • 3, a mobile media company, launched the UK's first 3G network
  • 3 has over 3.75 million customers in the UK and over 13.5 million worldwide (August 2006 figures)
  • The 3 network offers national coverage for calls and texts, and over 89% population coverage for 3G services.

    For further information, please visit: or call the 3 Media Office on 020 7350 5696.

    Lucy Reed
    Corporate Communications, 3UK
    Direct line: 0207 350 5693
    Mobile: 077 8232 4811 Welcome to our network.