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For Immediate Release launches with over 200 customers

New state-of-the-art Distribution Centre opens

Hong Kong, 18 July 2000 - Hong Kong's premier office and business supplies e-commerce portal announced today its full opening and the launch of it's new state-of-the-art Distribution Centre.

The portal dedicated to serving office administration and finance managers now offers over 4,000 products from over 100 suppliers to more than 200 of Hong Kong's major corporations and institutions.

"The dress rehearsal is over. For the last three months we have put all our systems through the most thorough examination possible and everything has operated very successfully. We always had enormous confidence both in our technology and in our business model and all the evidence so far is that our confidence is not misplaced" said Stephen Winterhalder, Chief Operating Officer of

"Today, after a gradual and managed build up of customers, we open ourselves up to full commercial operation and at the same time launch our new back office Distribution Centre. Recently we have been increasing our customer base at a rate of 30% plus per week and we aim to continue this and acquire 5000 customers by the end of this year. We have set ourselves the aggressive target of gaining 10% of the office supplies market in 2000", continued Stephen Winterhalder. "Our heavy investment in technology, with no reliance on legacy systems, means we have the most advanced front end - unique in Hong Kong as well as the rest of the world - bringing absolute control into the hands of the customer and they are telling us they like it."

The 50,000 sq ft Centre in Kwai Chung with its state-of-the-art racking system will be's hub for storage, order processing and distribution. Newly recruited and trained operators are furnished with the latest handheld inventory and order management devices. has 10 new delivery vehicles operating already and a further 20 are projected to arrive in the next three months. The Distribution Centre has 40 staff now expected to increase to 75 in the next two months. Orders taken on are immediately retrieved at the warehouse and processed for next day delivery.

Notes To Editors:

1. is a member company of Hutchison Whampoa's E-commerce Resources.

2. offers a comprehensive range of office supplies and business services at highly competitive prices.

3. operates on a technology platform based on a number of enterprise applications, specifically designed and built for the business.

4. Web features offered include customised favourite items lists, standing orders, group account workflow for multiple users (orderers), authorisation limits, approval workflow, order status tracking (warehouse/transit/delivered), order history analysis by order point/category/product, and payment status of past deliveries.

5. uses a state-of-the-art e-payment solution provided by HSBC. All financial transactions are direct with HSBC in a completely secure environment and no credit card information will be lodged with

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Company Profile

Established in April 2000, is the first of its kind B2B e-commerce portal in Hong Kong specifically dedicated to serving office administration and finance managers.'s mission is to be recognised as the leading Pan-Asian business portal that delivers increased efficiency, cost-effectiveness and value to customers via a product, service and information offering that is second to none. offers a comprehensive range of office supplies and business services, at highly competitive prices. The portal now offers more than 4,000 products from over 100 suppliers, to over 200 of Hong Kong's major corporations and institutions. A 100% successful phase 1 is due for completion this week and the operation is ready for a full public launch in early July. employs real time procedures offering the customer absolute and immediate control over the order process including access to order tracking and history, inventory control, delivery and pricing information.

It not only provides its own major range of products and services, but will through a network of carefully structured partnerships also provide access to other service suppliers such as printing, training programmes, office cleaning and many more planned for the future.

Initially targeted at Hong Kong, will soon undergo a major development programme leading to a full Pan Asian offer. is a member company of Hutchison Whampoa's E-Commerce Resources limited. To visit their website please go to
Distribution Centre Fact Sheet

Full launch:July 2000
Location:HIDC Rm 204,
Terminal 4, Kwai Chung Container Port,
Container Port Road South,
Kwai Chung, N.T.
Size:50,000 square feet
Number of zones:
4 includinga) Receiving Area
b) Storage Area
c) Stocktaking Area
d) Packing and Put-away Area
Opening:8am to 8pm (will work 24x7 when necessary)
Number of employees:Warehouse - 25; Service agents - 15
A total of 40 employees in operation (will increase to 75 in the next 2 months)
Number of delivery vans:10 (will increase to 30 in 3 months)
Delivery:Next day
Technological enterprise applications which amongst other things provides real time inventory access, order tracking and sales history
a)4 top range environmentally efficient Tungheinrich electric fork-lift trucks
b)Hand-held infra-red scanning devices which increase efficiency and accuracy in stocktaking (under implementation, will be ready in August)
c)New "Just In Time" racking system
d)Computer center for immediate order processing
Technology Platform employs a technology platform.

Using a number of enterprise applications (including sales and distribution, purchasing, inventory and warehouse management as well as financials), has built a completely new customized business-to-business e-commerce portal.

The platform provides the vital integration between’s front-end website and back-end operational systems.

The platform allows to offer customers a host of advantages that are not available when dealing with a traditional bricks-and-mortar operation. For example, real time inventory access, the tracking of orders and sales history analysis.

The instant flow of information from customer to distribution center allows for more accurate picking and faster turnarounds. It allows to create truly virtual buying and selling relationships and new strategic sales channels, while increasing opportunities and synergy with its consumers, partners and resellers. is now planning its second phase of development, adding new capabilities such as call center functions, customer relationship management solutions, data warehousing and more detailed management reporting functions, to further enhance its value proposition.