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July 26, 2000

Hutchison Telecom, Casio and Siemens form a Strategic Alliance to bring the First Total Mobile Multimedia Communications Solution to Hong Kong

Exclusive to Orange users for full-featured mobile multimedia services and full access to the Internet and the Orangeworld wirefree internet service

(Hong Kong, July 26, 2000) - Hutchison Telecom, Casio and Siemens today announced a strategic alliance to offer Hong Kong's first total mobile multimedia communications solution exclusively to Orange users. The partnership will introduce the first-of-its-kind full-featured mobile multimedia bundle that includes the Casio's Cassiopeia EM-500 Pocket PC, the Siemens 35 series mobile phones and a connecting cable for plug-and-play cellular communications on Orange mobile network. Once connected, the EM-500 Pocket PC and the Siemens WAP phone will be transformed into a mobile personal and business station with unprecedented multimedia functionality.

Full-featured mobile multimedia services exclusive for Orange users

With the exclusive bundle, Orange users can access a full range of mobile multimedia services from leisure-time information and entertainment to business data management. Services include Internet and Orangeworld wirefree internet service access, e-mail, short messaging, MP3 audio, still images and motion video on the best quality colour display of Cassiopeia EM-500, enriching the lives of Orange users with the freedom of total mobility and real-time multimedia.

On-the-move business computing applications for mobile productivity

The total mobile multimedia communications solution enables a new way of mobile computing and data communications for business users on-the-go. With the Windows-based EM-500 Pocket PC, users can carry important documents and data with the pre-installed Microsoft Pocket Word and Microsoft Pocket Excel, as well as performed the perfect Personal Information Management with Microsoft Outlook, Mobile Calendar and Mobile Address Book anytime, anywhere. Connected to the Siemens WAP phone with the bundled cable, Orange users can also download information required from the Internet or via the Orangeworld wirefree internet service, documents completed can be sent to other users through e-mail connections, putting a mobile productivity tool into everyone's pocket.

Stephen Ngan, Deputy Managing Director and Sales & Marketing Director, Hutchison Telecom, said: "The partnership among Hutchison Telecom, Casio and Siemens underscores our commitment to the development of mobile multimedia services in Hong Kong. Through the combination of Orange's top-quality mobile services, Casio's leading multimedia expertise and Siemens' cutting-edge wireless technology, we are bringing the excitement and convenience of mobile multimedia within everyone's reach. We will continue to lead the wave of mobile multimedia services with the development of an all-in-one solution, making every possibility in mobile communications a reality for Orange users."

Yukio Kashio, Vice President of Casio, said: "Mobile Internet devices with full-featured multimedia capabilities is the next wave of mobile communications. This new solution sets a new paradigm in mobile communications, opening up a new market for real-time multimedia services on-the-go. Being the first alliance to bring this innovative, full-featured solution to the market, Casio, Hutchison Telecom and Siemens are accelerating the adoption of mobile multimedia in Hong Kong."

Christian Gylstorff, Vice President, Asia Pacific Communication Devices of Siemens, said: "This partnership combines the core strengths of Hutchison Telecom, Casio and Siemens to spearhead the development of mobile multimedia communications in Hong Kong. As the key players in their respective fields, the three companies share the same vision of bringing the power of mobile multimedia to everyone in a more user-friendly and more innovative way. Today's announcement is our first initiative to promote true on-the-move multimedia communications and we will continue to work together in providing world-class mobile solutions for users in Hong Kong."

A fully mobile personal and business companion for versatile applications

With a slim and stylish body, Casio's latest Pocket PC, Cassiopeia EM-500, features a TFT LCD, boasting 65,536 colours -- the best colour display quality currently available for palm-sized PDAs. The colour-vivid screen is ideal for delicate images like Web pages and digital video. Powered by a 150MHz VR4122 CPU, the touch-screen device comes with 16MB of RAM with a MMC slot for postage-stamp-sized memory card extension. With the pre-installed productivity and entertainment software, the Cassiopeia EM-500 Pocket PC is well positioned as the preferred personal and business digital companion for mobile users.

With the Siemens 35 series of dualband WAP phones including Siemens 3508i, 3568i and 3518i, Orange users can access to instant cellular connections for a new dimension of mobile multimedia communications. Integrated with a WAP browser, the EM-500 Pocket PC allows Orange users to enjoy the content-rich Orangeworld wirefree internet service with a touch of buttons.

About Hutchison Telecom

Hutchison Telecom is the largest mobile phone operator in Hong Kong with a subscriber base of over 1.5 million, representing the largest share of the local market. Hutchison Telecom unveiled it's world-first CDMA commercial network in 1995 and its Asian first Dual Band GSM network in 1998. In May 2000, Hutchison Telecom launched the Orangeworld wirefree internet service as a groundbreaking initiative in the development of the mobile internet market in Hong Kong. Hutchison Telecom is actively expanding further its portfolio of services offerings in mobile internet, high-speed data communications and m-commerce services, as well as developing IS95B and GPRS technologies, as part of its migration to 3G. For more information about Hutchison Telecom, please visit the Company's website:

About Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

Initially established in 1957, right after the Kashio brothers successfully developed the world's first all-electric compact mass producible calculator, Casio Computer Co., Ltd. has since grown into an international enterprise with annual sales in excess of $ 3.7 billion ( 410 billion). With a product range that encompasses calculators, timepieces, electronic musical instruments, audio and visual equipment, communication equipment, commercial business systems, and more, Casio's main company in Japan has some 3,400 employees and the Casio Group employs 19,000 people worldwide. The company's web address is:

About Siemens Communication Devices

Siemens Communication Devices (CD), a division of Siemens Information and Communication Mobile (Siemens ICM), develops and manufactures analogue and digital communication terminals, especially Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) products, Digital GSM handsets and wireless network access terminals for GSM worldwide. Siemens holds a leading position in the digital wireless market with around 140 mobile networks installed in 75 countries. Siemens handsets are used in nearly all countries that have adopted the GSM standard.

Siemens CD is also the leading provider of DECT-based products, having shipped more than fifteen million DECT phones throughout forty countries in the world. Finally Siemens CD develops and manufactures various corded phones and fully features terminals, payphones, integrated services digital network (ISDN) products, e.g. digital videophones and PC-cards for innovative applications with voice, data and images.
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