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Mega portal TOM.COM makes its debut

18 January 2000

Hong Kong, January 18, 2000----TOM.COM, the multilingual mega portal makes its debut today introducing its news, community features as well as TOMCAST, a special desktop device offering web users one-click access to TOM.COM's e-world of infotainment. This raises the curtain for a series of content launches which will come along later.

The debut celebration featured the portal's friendly mascot, TOM who through his virtual presence, presents the unique functions of TOMCAST to his audience.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Carl Chang, CEO of TOM.COM LIMITED said, "With the vision to "Bring China to the World and Bring the World to China", TOM.COM is positioned to be a niche portal providing comprehensive and in-depth China related infotainment content targeting both Chinese and global audiences. TOM has a world of experience to share with you and we are preparing a tremendous range of content for you to explore. TOMCAST will act as "your personal internet infotainment engine" helping you navigate through our portal with ease and fun."

TOM.COM pioneers in introducing TOMCAST as a device to provide desktop infotainment service in Chinese. It offers personalized instantaneous infotainment news services tailored to users' needs and preferences. It is also the shortcut to TOM.COM's wide range of services which include a personalized news "ticker" service, weather updates of major cities around the world, stock information, real time radio, video displays and entertainment clips, as well as comprehensive community features – chat rooms, e-mail, discussion etc.

"TOM, the portal's mascot is a smart, friendly, knowledgeable and inexhausive cyber guide and TOMCAST demonstrates the friendly genius of TOM who is always available to offer a helping hand and helps you stay on top of the world of infotainment. Customizable features also enable users to choose, select and make decisions on their preferred infotainment items. In the world of TOM, your preferences come first," said Mr Chang.

TOM.COM is a multi-lingual mega portal through which global internet audiences will have access to extensive China-related contents including news, travel, money, culture, trends and the arts. The portal will also serve as a looking glass through which mainland audiences can access a broad variety of trendy and current infotainment items from around the world.

TOM.COM will continue to establish partnerships with strategic content providers as well as to provide video-based information directed at the rapid growth in the broadband arena. E-commerce is also an area TOM.COM is venturing into very soon.

Issued by WORLDCOM Hong Kong on behalf of TOM.COM LIMITED. For further information, please contact:

Rachel Chan
Tel: 2864 4883
Helen Lam
Tel:  2864 4872