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Hutchison Telecom offers special bargains to Everyday Card holders

Fantastic shopping experience from 500 shops in
Lo Wu Commercial Building, Shenzhen

Hutchison Telecom continues to give its customers more bargains with the offer of a fantastic shopping experience. From 18 August to 24 August, Everyday Card holders can enjoy special discounts and lucky draw opportunities with any purchase from the 500 selected shops in Lo Wu Commercial Building in Shenzhen, China.

Hutchison Telecom's subscribers can enjoy quality mobile communication services as well as special privileges tailored for their daily needs. Hutchison Telecom has extended its benefits to Everyday Card holders by providing all year round special discounts in some 1,500 shops throughout China, Hong Kong and Macau.

500 selected shops in Lo Wu Commercial Building

Shenzhen is becoming a popular spot for shopping and entertainment among Hong Kong residents. The Everyday Card has extended its reach to offer new discounts at selected shops in Shenzhen since last year. This summer, Everyday Card holders can enjoy special discounts of up to 25 per cent while shopping at the Lo Wu Commercial Building. Selected shops offer a variety of products and services including dining, massage, hair styling, beauty salon, manicure, wigs, clothing, bedroom accessories, crystal ware, art and photography. Receipts can be redeemed for lucky draw coupons which will give customers an additional chance to win prizes*, including the new Motorola A6188 WAP handset.

Enjoy special privileges with Everyday Card all year round

Everyday Card holders can enjoy special offers at a wide selection of restaurants, massage and health centres, and hotels in Shenzhen throughout the year too. Hutchison Telecom aims to continue bringing many more offers to Everyday Card holders, giving them extra savings while shopping.

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*Prizes for the lucky draw include:

                         Prize                                    Value
                         -----                                    ------
First Prize (3 pieces)   Motorola A6188 WAP handset               $4,680
Second Prize (3 pieces)  Laurel Restaurant banquet                $4,288
Third Prize (2 pieces)   Tin Wu Seafood Restaurant banquet        $3,988
Forth Prize (1 piece)    King Elephant Chinese                    $3,888
                         Restaurant banquet
Fifth Prize (15 pieces)  Group Coupons for Jian Fu Mei            $450
                         Sauna Massage Health Care, or
                         Blind Ping Massage & Health Center,
                         or Blind Lee Massage & Health Center