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August 25, 2000

Orange unveils the first 2.5G packet data mobile service in Hong Kong

Surging ahead to a new mobile communications era with
pioneering CDMA technology and revolutionary tariff plans

  • First in Hong Kong to introduce 2.5G mobile communication technology
  • First in Hong Kong to launch packet data mobile service
  • Provide the territory's fastest packet data transmission speeds of up to 64kbps
  • First to offer packet billing scheme based on the actual volume of data transmitted
  • The best-value monthly talk plans provide a substitute for fixed line service
  • First in Hong Kong to introduce packet data enabled WAP handset
  • Enriched content and personalized services for Orangeworld

Hutchison Telecom announced today the first packet data mobile service in Hong Kong. Deploying the 2.5G cdma IS95B packet data transmission technology, the company offers mobile users the fastest data transmission speeds of up to 64kbps. Together with the launch of the territory's first packet data enabled WAP handset, Hutchison Telecom is leading Hong Kong into a new era of mobile communications.

In conjunction with this launch, Orange also announced revolutionary tariff plans which include the groundbreaking packet billing scheme and best-value monthly service plans. With these new initiatives, Hutchison Telecom reaffirms cdma's leading position in the mobile communications market.

"Orange is leading Hong Kong into a new era of 2.5G mobile communications with the introduction of the territory's first packet data service, " said Mrs Agnes Nardi, Managing Director of Hutchison Telecom. "This is not only a big step in consolidating Orange's leading position in the mobile communications market, but also a strong testimony to Hutchison Telecom commitment to providing the best in technologies and services to its customers, further strengthening Hong Kong's position as one of the leading telecommunications hub in the world."

Up to 64kbps packet data mobile service

With the pioneering 2.5G cdma IS95B packet data transmission technology, Orange is the first operator in Hong Kong to offer mobile users packet data transmission rates up to 64kbps. Packet data transmission technology allows multiple users to share channels for data transmission. It uses the network only when there is data to be sent. When no data is being transmitted, users are virtually connected without using any network resources, ensuring the most efficient use of available network bandwidth.

Revolutionary packet billing with $0.01 for each data unit transmitted

Orange also announced the most economical tariff plans for WAP access in town, including the groundbreaking packet billing scheme, aimed at driving the widespread use of mobile data services.

The first-of-its-kind in Hong Kong, packet billing ensures the most economical and fairest charging as users are billed only for the volume of data they transmit, saving up to 88% of service charges when compared to other payment methods that meter connection time. For a standard monthly fee of HK$9 for Orangeworld wirefree internet service, packet data mobile service users will be charged at only HK$0.01 for each data unit - 600 bytes of data - they download. For instance, it costs only HK$0.3 for using the packet data service to browse 5 news articles, while such application may cost HK$2.73 for using the time-based WAP service. Packet billing gives users great savings on wireless internet service. (Please refer to the wireless internet service plans factsheet for more details).

Two new time-based tariff plans for Orangeworld wirefree internet service have also been introduced: HK$9 for 50 minutes free WAP access and HK$25 for 150 minutes free WAP airtime, making mobile internet more affordable than ever before.

The best value-for-money monthly talk plan - HK$98 for 2000 minutes of free airtime

In addition to the new tariffs for Orangeworld wirefree internet service users, Orange also introduced the most affordable CDMA basic talk plan. At an average of HK$0.05 per minute, users can enjoy 2,000 minutes of free talk time at only HK$98 per month, the most value-for-money service plan in town. This new service charge can provide a substitute for fixed line service for daily communications even while at home or in the office, (Please refer to the new tariff leaflet for details).

Enriched Orangeworld for personalized and easy wirefree internet access

To offer completely personalized and easy-to-use wireless internet, Orange continues to enrich Orangeworld with new categories of services and re-arranged content groupings, customizing to the unique requirements of different user groups. Besides the current 11 main categories, two new groups, namely "My World" and "Interactive Zone", have been added to the wireless internet service. "My World" allows users to create their own wireless portal, personalize their own user menu and bookmark their preferred sites in Orangeworld, while "Interactive Zone" is an unparalleled collection of interactive games, online auction and live broadcast services.

Another new function, the "User Type", is created for different groups of users for fast navigation of Orangeworld services. Business executives, youngsters, working women and pleasure seekers are now able to get connected to their frequently visited content and services with the touch of a few buttons.

Exclusively launch Hong Kong's first packet data enabled handset for HK1,380 only

In line with the launch of 64kbps packet data mobile service, Orange also rolls out the first packet data enabled CDMA WAP handset, the Sanyo C304SA, exclusively to Orange users. The stylish Sanyo C304SA features a large screen that can display 6 lines and 48 Chinese characters per page. Besides the unique 3-chord stereo music ringing tones, the new handset also comes with specially designed animation screen display of five Chinese festivals with automatic power-on festive music on the correspondent days, making mobile communications a lot more fun and fascinating.

Users can purchase the Sanyo C304SA now for only HK$1,380 handset price and receive a complementary package - a trendy crystal chain bundle and an interactive calendar for 2001 - for free. The package is available on a first-come-first-served basis.

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