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TOM.COM Launches Massive Multi-Media Coverage
on Sydney Olympics 2000 to the Chinese Audience
Together with and Eight Mainland TV Stations

Hong Kong, September 7, 2000 --- TOM.COM LIMITED ("TOM.COM" or "TOM") announced the launch of a massive, first of its kind multi-media production on the 2000 Olympic Games in partnership with ("shawei"), and eight Mainland China TV Stations.

The eight participating China TV Stations are Beijing TV, Shanghai Oriental TV, Tianjin TV, Guangdong TV, Liaoning TV, Shangdong TV, Sichuan TV and Wuhan TV.

With the support of the eight participating TV stations, the production will aggregate original and comprehensive content from domestic news agencies and magazines, Reuters and AFP's. 10 correspondents and 4 editors will be stationed in Sydney, directly reporting up-to-the-minute news and events on the Olympic 2000. Users will enjoy first-handed interviews of the seven most famous Chinese athletes, sharing their Gold Medals' hopes and excitements at the Games.

This unprecedented sports presentation embodies both on- and off- line broadcasts on all facets of the Olympic Games 2000, encompassing the abundant resources and expertise of TOM.COM, and the eight contributing local Chinese stations. The cross media synergies deliver on-line contents and events, while bringing national broadcasts by the eight local TV stations. Meanwhile, TV footages of the event will be available to online users at shawei.

"This cross media partnership is the first of such multi-media experience for Chinese viewers. TOM wants to mark its distinction in sports through this event. We will continue to bring cross-media experience in other category-killers to users and viewers in China," said Michelle Leung, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director of TOM.COM.

Apart from professional on-site coverage, a unique multi-media edge is integrated into the program via the Internet. For example, "Olympic E-mail Blast" presents exclusive updates on HK & China Medal Billboard and the latest headline news; "Olympic Guess" offers games and community interactions for sports lovers; "Seven Weapon" provides daily updates of Olympic athletes, and "Focus Commentary" renders commentaries for the sports fans on the Internet.

The production marks the first joint efforts between TOM.COM and after TOM's acquisition of 100% equity interest of shawei. TOM is integrating all the proficient resources of shawei to become China's sports category leader.


Founded in December 1999 and an associate of Hutchison Whampoa Limited, TOM.COM LIMITED is a joint venture formed by Hutchison Whampoa Limited, Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited and other strategic investors. The company was listed on the Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in March 2000. Targeted at Chinese-speaking and global audiences to "Bring China to the World and the World to China", TOM.COM LIMITED is building a multi-lingual mega portal to offer the most comprehensive China-related infotainment content. Headquartered in Hong Kong, TOM.COM has established offices in Beijing and Shanghai.

TOM.COM can be found on the Web at WWW.TOM.COM


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