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CK Group’s Media Response

(Hong Kong, 4 August 2022) Below is a statement from the CK Group with regard to recent news related to AMTD Digital with mentions of CK Group subsidiaries and Mr Li Ka-shing, Senior Advisor of the Group.
The CK Group does not hold any shares in AMTD Digital and has no business dealings with the company.

CK Group sold a majority of its shares in AMTD Group, which is the parent company of AMTD Digital, nearly ten years ago.  The Group currently holds less than 4% of remaining shares in AMTD Group that was not sold together at that time. The Group has entered into negotiations on the sale of its remaining shares in AMTD Group.

Following the disposal of the majority of the Group's shares in AMTD Group, its remaining interest in AMTD Group has been classified under the Group’s small financial investment projects.

Currently there is no CK Group representative sitting on the Board of AMTD Group.  CK Group is not involved in its operations and has no knowledge about any of its businesses or plans.