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Hutchison Telecom and Motorola jointly launch
"enabler21 Programme" 2000-2001

Joint initiative to cultivate students' creativity
and to promote local telecommunications education

Hutchison Telecom and Motorola today jointly announced the launch of the "enabler21 Programme" for 2000 and 2001, a joint initiative aims to promote local telecommunications training and to discover the potential leaders - the "enablers" - who will take Hong Kong's telecommunications industry forward into the future.

Generously supported by Hong Kong's seven universities and university students, the inaugural "enabler21 Programme" was launched last year to wide acclaim. The five winning enablers attended Motorola University in Chicago for overseas training in July and were subsequently employed by Hutchison Telecom and Motorola respectively.

Grooming Hong Kong's telecom elite for the 21st century

Hong Kong is having robust development in telecommunications industry and this has created persistent high demand for telecom professionals. Thus, Hutchison Telecom and Motorola have jointly organized the "enabler21 Programme" to offer university students the opportunity to acquire in-depth technical knowledge and to receive practical training. Through this, the two companies are playing key roles in educating talented young students considering careers in the local telecommunications industry.

Mr. Stephen Ngan, deputy managing director and sales and marketing director of Hutchison Telecom said, "It gives me great pleasure that the inaugural "enabler21 Programme" for 1999 - 2000 achieved such great success, a feat which owes much to the support of our seven local universities and their students. As leaders in the local telecommunications industry, Hutchison Telecom and Motorola have jointly organized the "enabler21 Programme". We are making use of the two companies' cutting-edge technical knowledge and resources to help identify potential talent in the local telecommunications scene. Both companies share a common goal of turning this education programme into one of the largest in the territory to assist in nurturing prospective young telecommunications professionals - the enablers - in Hong Kong."

Mr. Carey Millar, account director of Motorola added, " The experience gained in working with students who participated in the first "enabler21 Program" has been exceptional. The caliber of students is evidence of the tremendous ability and technical energy that exists in local Hong Kong universities today. Properly developed, these students will be our leaders of tomorrow. Motorola is thrilled to be a part of a program which promotes the enrichment and development of Hong Kong's most important resource, its people."

Programme offers technical and practical training

As part of "enabler21 Programme", a series of training programmes, including interactive seminars and practical workshops focusing on 3G technology developments, telecommunications industry developments and associated marketing strategies. These will be launched in January 2001. Renowned telecom professionals will be invited as speakers at these programmes to share their valuable experience with students and to provide them with more thorough and in-depth understanding of the global telecommunications industry.

Open to all students of Hong Kong's seven universities

The "enabler21 Programme" 2000-2001 is open to all full-time students in the seven local universities. A HK$10,000 scholarship will be granted to the winners of the award. Students will be required to submit a creative proposal, with the topics focus on innovative 3G service application and the design and promotion of a unique multi-functional telecommunications device. The 10 winning enablers will be invited to Motorola University to receive training. They will later be employed by either Hutchison or Motorola or participate in summer internship in the two companies.

Support from seven universities gratefully acknowledged

The "enabler21 Programme" has received generous support from all seven universities in Hong Kong: City University of Hong Kong; Baptist University; Lingnan University; The Chinese University of Hong Kong; The Polytechnic University; Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; and The University of Hong Kong. Students of all seven institutions are encouraged to participate in this innovative education and training programme.


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Hutchison Telecommunications (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Hutchison Telecom is the largest mobile phone operator in Hong Kong with a subscriber base of 1.6 million, representing the largest share of the local market. Hutchison Telecom unveiled its world-first CDMA commercial network in 1995 and Asia's first Dual Band GSM network in 1998. In May 2000, Hutchison Telecom launched the Orangeworld wirefree internet service as a groundbreaking initiative in the development of the mobile internet market in Hong Kong. The Company has also introduced Hong Kong's first IS95B packet data mobile service in August 2000. Hutchison Telecom is actively expanding further its portfolio of service offerings in mobile internet, high-speed data communications and m-commerce services, as well as developing GPRS technologies as part of its migration to 3G. For more information about Hutchison Telecom, please visit the Company's website at

Motorola Asia Pacific Ltd.

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