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Redefining Data Management Standards in Hong Kong
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Hutchison GlobalCenter to bring unrivaled global connectivity and
world-class infrastructure to multinational corporations

(Hong Kong; 9 November, 2000) Hutchison Global Crossing today announced the launch of Hutchison GlobalCenter, a world-class data center replicating leading United States Internet services company GlobalCenter - a subsidiary of Global Crossing. Located in Quarry Bay, Hong Kong, the 40,000 sq. ft. data center offers unrivaled global connectivity, reliable, flexible and scalable IT-sensitive solutions. Hutchison GlobalCenter is set to redefine data management standards in Hong Kong.

Hutchison GlobalCenter incorporates the standards, processes and techniques proven by GlobalCenter in the United States. Directly transferring the established data management knowledge developed in the U.S., Hutchison GlobalCenter imports to the local market the same high level of world-class infrastructure and unrivaled global connectivity crucial to the success of e-business.

The new data center will integrate the latest technology into an outsourced model that delivers the performance and Internet services necessary for e-business to succeed. With specialists from and trained at GlobalCenter, Hutchison GlobalCenter has the expertise in areas including IP networking, infrastructure management, applications, equipment services and security.

Hutchison GlobalCenter runs on the most advanced and scalable global fiber optic network of Global Crossing and Asia Global Crossing with speeds of OC-48 (2.488Gbps) up to OC-192 (9.953Gbps), offering companies unobstructed and scalable operations to facilitate their business growth. Global Crossing's 155,520 km undersea fiber cables now connect to 27 countries, covering the United States, Europe, Tokyo as well as Hong Kong, providing businesses with high-speed connectivity delivered over the world's most extensive, IP-based fiber network.

In China, Hutchison Global Crossing has recently inaugurated the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong SDH Ring jointly developed with China Telecom and signed a Direct International Telecommunications Exchange Agreement with China Unicom. The cooperation with China's telecommunications giants will further uplift Hutchison GlobalCenter's connectivity in the Mainland China.

"We are proud to announce the launch of our first data center in Hong Kong, which again demonstrates our continual efforts to provide superb and end-to-end telecommunications services to business markets," said Sammy Tse, Multimedia Director of Hutchison Global Crossing. "In today's digital economy, it is imperative to have superb speed and performance in running e-business. I am confident that Hutchison GlobalCenter has the global standard in Hong Kong to meet the needs of local and multinational corporations, empowering them with the infrastructure for regional and global business operations."

The launch of Hutchison GlobalCenter will bring about new standards to the data management industry of Hong Kong. Valerie Castellana, Vice President and Managing Director, GlobalCenter Asia Pacific commented, "In an industry where scale and breadth are rewarded, the continual effort to provide time-to-market advantages through complex web hosting services is at an accelerated pace. For this reason, we are thrilled to open this Hong Kong data center and launch additional Asia Pacific initiatives such as our Tokyo and Australia centers. Our international build out illustrates our commitment to meet the needs of e-business by delivering the services necessary for companies to succeed in the new economy."

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