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Frances Ng (Tel: 2128 6739)

November 15, 2000

Hutchison Telecom launch "Orange Mobile Betting Service"

Offering secure betting transactions and comprehensive betting information
to mobile phone users

Orange and The Hong Kong Jockey Club have joined forces to launch the "Orange Mobile Betting Service", allowing Orange users to enjoy the convenience of instant betting services via their handsets1. From 20 November 2000, Orange users with a Telebet account can bet on horse racing and Mark Six Lottery, check betting records and transfer funds between their Telebet account and personal bank account anytime, anywhere. With Orangeworld wirefree internet service, users can listen to live broadcast of racing reports and commentaries, checking betting odds, and keep abreast of the latest racing and Mark Six Lottery results.

Easy and secure instant betting service for Orange users

With "Orange Mobile Betting Service" and a Telebet account, Orange users can place bets via their handsets1 easily on horse racing with the option of "Win", "Place", "Quinella" and "Quinella Place", or on Mark Six Lottery with "Random Generation" or "Self Select". Through "Orange Mobile Betting Service" in Orange Menu or Orangeworld wirefree internet service2, users can simply enter their terminal PIN and betting details for instant betting. The computer system will send users a short message to confirm placed bets afterwards. Users can also check betting records to ensure their bets are placed accurately. The whole betting process is guaranteed with the highest level of security.

Enjoy the convenience of managing Telebet account via the handset

Orange users can easily transfer funds between their Telebet account and account of designated banks, and check Telebet account balance via the handset1. This service is available for account holders of HSBC, Hang Seng Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and Dah Sing Bank. With this new service, Orange users can place bets on horse racing and Mark Six Lottery from anywhere in the world3 .Reliable and secure betting and transaction Orange users can conduct easy betting and fund transfer via the handset1 by simply entering their terminal PIN. Their data is absolutely secure throughout the whole transaction process that empowered with "SIM Tool Kit".

Exclusive promotional offers for Orange users

During the promotion period, customers can enjoy 50% discount on the $28 monthly fee of "Orange Mobile Betting Service" for three consecutive months. For HK$14 per month, Orange users can enjoy 138 free short messages, and each additional message costs only HK$0.9. What's more, new subscribers can also choose a lucky mobile phone number with the "9838" prefix4, and have the privilege of purchasing Siemens 3508i at $0 handset price or entitling $300 discount on purchasing Nokia 8210, Siemens 3518i, Siemens 3568i or Panasonic GD92 (Please refer to the table attached for detials).

Comprehensive horse racing and Mark Six information from Orangeworld

Orange Mobile Betting Service users can listen to live broadcast of racing reports and commentaries, and be updated on the latest racing information via Orangeworld wirefree internet service before placing their bets. Users can also enquire about the latest betting odds, horse racing and Mark Six Lottery results and dividends. Users can obtain the most up-to-date betting information whenever they want.

For more information on "Orange Mobile Betting Service", please contact Orange Customer Services Hotline at 1229.

Handset Promotional Offers for "Orange Mobile Betting Service"

ModelSpecial Handset Price
Refund/Rebate Details
Nokia 82102,380600Each month refund $50 for 12 months
Siemens 3508i01,180Each month rebate $59 for 20 months
Siemens 3518i980600Each month refund $50 for 12 months
Siemens 3568i1,380600Each month refund $50 for 12 months
Panasonic GD921,680600Each month refund $50 for 12 months


1. The betting and fund transfer function of "Orange Mobile Betting Service" is only eligible to certain models of dualband handsets and dualband WAP handsets.

2. "Orange Mobile Betting Service" does not include Orangeworld wirefree internet service.

3. "Orange Mobile Betting Service" is only applicable to roaming areas which support the Short Message System (SMS).

4. To entitle "9839" prefix mobile number, customers must subscribe "Orange Mobile Betting Service" monthly plan and purchase a new handset.

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