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29th January, 2001

Fascel press release status on network - post earthquake

The earthquake has devastated large parts of Gujarat on 26th January. It also affected communications. The three main areas affected were Gandhidham, Bhuj and Bachau. The status of Fascel's network as on 29 January 2001 is as follows:

  • The Gandhidham network was restored overnight and fully operational by 28th January. A mobile recharging unit has also been set up in the epicenter area.

  • The restoration work in Bhuj and Bachau is underway but is hampered due to the considerable damage to the local BSNL network structure, which was affected by the quake.

  • Specialized local switches and equipment has been rushed to the sites, which will provide local mobile interconnection. We also managed to get some V-Sats for facilitating communication.

  • BSNL has conveyed that they would give us extra lines but these can become operational only after they have repaired their existing exchanges.

  • Fascel has offered free airtime for two days to customers to facilitate them during this hardship period. Customers are also being offered for the prepaid cards a special top-up on their refills.

All efforts are being made to streamline Fascel cellular operations so that customers do not face any difficulty. We are conscious of the considerable impact of the earthquake to the families in Gujarat and we shall do everything in our endeavour to assist them.

Unrelated to communication, special arrangements are being made for potable drinking water and help centres.

- End -