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Metro Finance -
The world's first 24-hour Cantonese finance radio channel launched by Metro Broadcast

Gala of business elite, market experts
to host interactive programs

(February 2, 2001, HONG KONG) - To meet the growing market demand for global financial information, Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited ("Metro Broadcast") today announced the launch of Metro Finance, the first 24-hour Cantonese finance radio channel in the world.

To be broadcast on FM 104 starting from February 5, 2001, Metro Finance is a breakthrough in the radio industry with a unique mission on providing first-hand financial news, professional views, and other information in Cantonese round the clock. In addition, Metro Finance will feature programs that allow radio listeners to interact with various experts in the field and help them make informed financial decisions.

Metro Finance will tap a pool of top financial experts, business elite, reputable hosts and professionals who will air programs and interact with radio audiences, providing updated and reliable information in a lively manner. The channel has also successfully secured a number of "celebrity hosts" who have never been on air before.

"Our associate and subsidiary companies are very often market leaders in their respective industries and Metro Broadcast is working towards this goal. This full-fledged, round-the-clock financial information channel, with news covering markets in Hong Kong, the U.S., Japan and Europe, reflects the company's commitment in meeting the general public's increasing demand for sophisticated financial information," said Mr. Canning Fok, Group Managing Director of Hutchison Whampoa Limited.

"Those who tune into Metro Finance can now obtain hot tips, such as research materials from major brokerage firms and personal views of leading figures in this field. Through the launch of Metro Finance, we hope to open up a new exciting chapter for Hong Kong's broadcast industry," he added.

Mr. Kam Kwok Leung, Chief Executive Officer of Metro Broadcast, noted "the growing need for up-to-date global financial information has given birth to Metro Finance, a long-awaited 24-hour station for handy and professional business news and information.

"Metro Broadcast entered its tenth year this year. In our ever-changing society and media industry, we are seeking a way to transform our station and give more value to our listeners. Over the past months, Metro Broadcast has committed considerable resources to strengthening our finance and news content, and this direction has proved to be successful. It is our mission to build on the current success and position ourselves as a major provider of global financial information in the region," Mr. Kam said.

The new channel will draw on the expertise of its management and financial experts. Metro Finance's Chief Operation Officer, Mr. Sung Man Hei, will oversee the station's future growth and development, while Channel Director, Mr. Chiu Sin Chun, will be in charge of the channel's management and overall programming. Mr. Chiu Kwok On, Metro Finance's Chief Editor will be responsible for the overall finance news editing. Their extensive media experience and in-depth knowledge on the local and international financial markets will undoubtedly contribute to the efficient running and future development of a brand new financial medium. They will work together to ensure that the station's information and content will be of the best value and interest to audiences.

Among the top-list of program hosts is a group of well-respected market experts, business elite and professionals, most of whom will air their very first radio program on Metro Finance in the next few weeks. More than 12 leading securities houses have pledged their support to Metro Finance and designated experts to host the core program - "Analysts' Note" - which cater for investors from different walks of life. Altogether, they will provide a refreshing experience to the business and financial community as well as the general public in grasping real-time financial information round the clock.

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For further information, please contact:

Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited
Wendy Koo/ Amy Tam
Tel : 2123 9676/ 9677
Fax : 2123 9889
E-mail: [email protected]

Daisy Wong/ Natalie Tam/ Ellen Zee
Tel : 2136 6178/ 6182/ 6184
Fax : 2136 6118/ 6068
E-mail: [email protected]

Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited
Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited ("Metro") went on air in July 1991. It is owned by Hong Kong-listed Cheung Kong Holdings Limited (stock code: 0001) and Hutchison Whampoa Limited (stock code: 0013). Metro currently operates three channels, namely Metro Finance (FM 104), Metro Showbiz (FM 99.7) and Metro Plus (AM 1044).

Metro Finance (FM 102.4 - 106.3)
Metro Finance is the first 24-hour Cantonese finance radio channel in the world. Its goal is to provide audiences in Hong Kong and other parts of the world with accurate, real-time and market-moving news and important information of global financial markets.

To be broadcast on FM 104 starting from February 5, 2001, Metro Finance will generate content related to securities, bonds, investment funds, insurance and other information about financial markets in Hong Kong, Europe, the U.S., Japan, the Asia Pacific region and China etc.

Being a breakthrough in the local and global radio industry, Metro Finance will tap on a pool of top financial experts, business elites, reputable hosts and professionals (some of whom have never been on air before) to present their views and participate in live interactive forums of Metro Finance.

Metro Finance has secured Orange, the leading mobile phone network in Hong Kong, as an important broadcast partner. All Orange mobile phone users can listen to real-time round-the-clock Metro Finance's programmes by pressing #104. They can also listen to "Analysts' Note" by pressing #101. #108 is for hourly news.

Metro Finance will deliver serious financial content in a lively and comprehensible manner, allowing audiences to obtain up-to-date and reliable information, and help them make informed financial decisions anytime.

Metro Showbiz (FM 99.7 - 102.1)
Metro Showbiz gives the hottest round-the-clock entertainment news to audiences. Kicking off broadcast on January 22, 2001, Metro Showbiz is a pioneer in radio history as it provides up-to-the-minute entertainment information on an hourly basis. With Metro Showbiz, entertainment will be an integral part of audiences' life. Entertainment news and social news are treated on the same footing with an aim to improving audiences' quality of life. Embracing life with non-stop entertainment, this is Metro Showbiz.

Round-the-clock entertainment news and certain programme highlights are also obtainable through the Orange mobile phone network.

Metro Plus (AM 1044)
Metro Plus is one of the most popular AM English radio channels in Hong Kong. It is no ordinary English channel as it seeks innovation all the time. Content embraces all aspects of audiences' life, including news, entertainment, music, lifestyle info (health and beauty news), jokes and interviews with international celebrities. It is a channel which blends styles, info and interests, suitably described by its visionary mission - "The Best Mix".

Metro Web
Websurfers all over the world can click on to and enjoy the exciting Metro programmes through real-time visual and audio broadcast. Metro Finance's provides real-time global financial news while Metro Showbiz's presents the hottest entertainment news.

Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited
Basement Two, Site Six
Whampoa Garden
Hunghom, Kowloon
Fax : (852) 2123 9877
Tel : (852) 2123 9888