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Frances Ng (Tel: 2128 6739)
13 February 2001

Orange users get access to
Cathay Pacific's notiFLY Flight Paging service

Orange dualband subscribers can now enjoy Cathay Pacific Airways' notiFLY Flight Paging service to obtain the latest flight information anytime via mobile phone. Orange users travelling abroad can also enjoy the convenience of the service through Orange international roaming service.

Automatic Notification of Flights Departure and Arrival

With the notiFLY Flight Paging service, Orange users can be easily updated on the latest flight information for Cathay Pacific sent directly to their mobile phones via short message service (SMS). Orange users need only enter the flight details including the flight date, flight number and destination via the Cathay Pacific website (, and a notifying message will be sent to the users' mobile phones in advance of a flight's departure or arrival. A reminder text SMS will be sent later on to confirm the flight's timing.

notiFLY Flight Paging service allows Orange users to get automatic notification of flight delays, cancellation or earlier arrivals even when they are travelling abroad. By getting exact flight arrival and departure details, Orange users can better plan their journey to the airport without the hassle of hanging around waiting for the flight or their friends and family to arrive from abroad.

notiFLY Flight Paging is provided free of charge to local Orange users.

For more information on receiving short message, please call our customer hotline at 1229.

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