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HutchTech Resources Limited
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Press Release

HutchTech Resources Limited opens its first resources centre in Shenzhen

26 February 2001

HutchTech Resources Limited ("HutchTech"), a fifty-fifty joint venture between Hutchison Whampoa Limited's wholly owned subsidiary and Computer And Technologies Holdings Limited, opened its first Resources Centre in Shenzhen today (Monday) for providing software development and related outsourcing services, particularly for e-commerce related application.

"Drawing upon the combined financial and technical strengths of the joint venture partners, HutchTech has the resources to establish a strong market presence and to become a leading software development service company. HutchTech will focus on establishing resources centers in Mainland China to provide quality and cost-competitive services in software development and its application support," said Mr C.S. Ng, CEO of HutchTech.

He added: "We also provide outsourcing service to enterprises which find it difficult and expensive to keep an in-house software development team. As for application development, we have the technical expertise, business know-how and established methodologies to handle a wide variety of projects from client/server architectures to web-based infrastructures."

Officiating at the opening ceremony of HutchTech's Resources Centre in Shenzhen was Mr Ye Min Hui, General Director of Shenzhen Municipal Foreign Investment Bureau. Mr Yeh said: " With the rapid development of the internet and information technology, technological strength is crucial to any business expansion. Hutchison Whampoa Limited and Computer And Technologies Holdings Limited have taken the business opportunity to establish the HutchTech Centre which will become a leading force in the provision of IT and e-commerce related services.

"The Centre will benefit the development of e-commerce and IT development of the Hutchison Group as well as Shenzhen and the rest of Mainland China," Mr Yeh added.

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For further information, please contact Ms Betty Chan at (852)2128 9858 (telephone) or [email protected] (e-mail).

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